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IFA 2016: Samsung unveils Gear S3 ago – SPIEGEL ONLINE

When it comes to smartwatches, one imagines at Samsung an on fat profits. The market for the wrist computer will grow significantly in the coming years, says a manager of the company, as he shows off in Berlin journalists the new models. Later this year, the market will make a leap to 2017 even doubled.

It is possible that he as a little considered current market forecasts through rose-colored glasses, but also the experts of the market research firm Gartner expect that smartwatches down in popularity. According to their calculations, 2015 40.3 million of such devices have been sold, for 2016 they expect 60.4 and 2017 66.3 millions. According to Gartner, the manufacturers will then make $ 11.5 billion in revenue this year.

Of these billions would Samsung of course as many earn itself. Therefore, the Group provides on the Ifa in Berlin his new Gear S3 in two different versions. On the one hand there is the model Classic, which, as the name suggests, like a classical wristwatch to act. With a diameter of 46 millimeters this is quite large but chunky watches are in. Its counterpart, the Gear is S3 Frontier that occurs much martial, robust and somewhat clumsy acts.

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But these are only appearances. Otherwise, the two versions of the new Samsung SmartWatch are technically identical. They have a 1.3 inch small round display, 360 x 360 pixel represents. They are powered by a small dual-core processor and are waterproof and dustproof. Models with eSim for mobile Internet and phone service there is not, the gear S3 is everything takes place online, rely on the pair with a mobile phone. And the phone has to be a Samsung device, on competitive products is not running the app.

As in previous models, uses Samsung on the Gear S3 operating system Tizen instead of more popular in the industry Android Wear from Google. No wonder then that the Gear S3 when you first try in a Berlin hotel is very reminiscent of the Gear S2, which operates with the same software.

A ring …

the core element is again the ring around the display. By turning to him to choose from various menu items and can call functions. This works well and is reminiscent of the principle of the rotating bezel to the Apple Watch. Both system are designed to be kept free to look at the small screen, which would otherwise be blocked by fingers. to tap entirely without the touchscreen, but you will also not clear (see photo gallery).

Very much new has not to offer the SmartWatch course. A GPS receiver enables a new emergency call function. If you tap three times quickly on the display, the device sends an emergency message including GPS coordinates to a preset contact. Besides the usual sensors and a barometric altimeter also incorporated. Especially in mountain tours can be useful, for example, to anticipate a worsening of the weather by falling air pressure.

The old will stay

Less plastic, for for everyday use, the new always-on display, which now also at rest displays the time with full-color dials. That is almost like a real clock: No matter how and when that time you can always read. At least if you have thought to charge the battery, but to hold three to four days.

Ultimately Gear S3 Classic and Gear S3 Frontier are therefore only moderately improved upgrade their S2 predecessors. A little bit better, a bit bigger, with a new design. It is no wonder that Samsung’s previous models of Gear-S2 series also in the program reserves as the more optimized on Fitness Gear Functions Fit 2, from now on, however, at reduced prices.

The previous model: Gear S2


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