Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Taxes: And again a billion surplus – ZEIT ONLINE

The German government has made in the first half of a surplus of 18.5 billion euros. This is based on the economic performance a surplus ratio of 1.2 percent, said the Federal Statistical Office. Households with federal, state, local and social insurance benefited from a favorable employment and economic development as well as a moderate spending policy.

Nearly half of the surplus of 9.7 billion euro were found to account statisticians to the Federal Government. Countries recorded a surplus of 0.4 billion euros, the communities made an increase of 2.5 billion euros. The social insurance recorded a revenue surplus of 5.9 billion euros.

Government revenue increased according to the information in the first half 2016 to 692.9 billion euros – an increase of 27.9 billion euros or 4.2 percent compared to the same period last year. The main source of funding of the state are the taxes, which accounted for over half of total revenues with 365.1 billion euros. The increase in tax revenues remained high with an increase of 4.8 percent in the first half of 2016th

From the results for the first half can be, however, only limited conclusions on the annual earnings drag because the government balance in the second half of regularly be lower structural. Last year, the state reached a surplus of 19 billion euros.

The expenditure increased in the first half of 2016 by 3.6 percent to 674.4 billion Euro. The increases were mainly due to higher benefits for those seeking protection, more expenditure on social benefits in kind and in the social welfare and health care for asylum seekers. The investment expenditure rose by 7.7 percent, significantly more than last year. Because of the continued very low interest rates and a fall in debt interest payments have declined again.

The opposition in the federal government accuses the government for some time, spending too little money for the population and instead to place undue attention to the black zero. Above all, the Left Party raises Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, a too rigid austerity. One had much stronger in schools, invest affordable housing and good public infrastructure. Even economists recommend the state for a long time to increase spending, especially on infrastructure.


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