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VW had applied for partial unemployment benefits for thousands of workers.


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Wolfsburg | Volkswagen has applied in a dispute with two suppliers for thousands of employees reduced hours compensation. That could cost around ten million euros per week the contributors to the social security funds. This was reported by the “Bild” newspaper, citing internal estimates.


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are case VW in view of a delivery stops many bands still, the group waits for required transmission parts and seat covers. Between two suppliers and VW raging dispute over the termination of contracts. The backgrounds are unclear.

The sum is based on how many of the 27,700 threatened employees in the six VW plants ultimately go on short time. Already requested is cyclical short-time work for 7,500 employees at the Emden plant. The working time can thus "as a result of economic causes or unavoidable event" temporarily shorten, the staff is lost wages partially replaced by the Federal Employment Agency.

Politics divided over working hours

In politics criticism of the plans by VW has already been raised. The CDU politician Karl Schiewerling sees the measure critical. Short-time working was "no strike fund for companies that are located in the economic struggle," said Schiewerling as labor market policy spokesman of the CDU Bundestag group, the "Sueddeutsche Zeitung". ". Two quarrel, and the consequences bear Third"

The SME representatives of the Greens parliamentary group, Thomas Gambke, told the "Rheinische Post": "It is wrong that the payer is charged because a Group and its supplier companies ausficht a commercial conflict, "he said. "That's a No."

The SPD voiced loud "Süddeutsche Zeitung" understanding of the group's decision. The situation go mainly at the expense of the workers, the SPD-labor politician Katja Mast said the Journal. This leave be offset through the short-time allowance in part.

short-time work: What are the rules

Experts have doubts that the short-time working scheme for VW will be approved?. "The instrument was originally intended for serious economic crises and not for a dispute with a supplier," explains Karl Brenke, labor market expert at the German Institute for Economic Research of the "Süddeutsche Zeitung". Since a dispute with suppliers not arises overnight, VW could not rely on it.

When an event is inevitable, the Federal Employment Agency in a "financial statement" set. This is for example the case, if a factory burns down or if an operation due to smog alarm can not continue to work and no longer pays wages. But even for "indirectly" affected farms the scheme is no longer valid. When a smog alert a company has an impact on the suppliers, short-time work can there be requested. What happens during an argument between suppliers and customers, is not governed by the rules statement.

According to Holger Bonin, labor researcher at the Institute for the Study of Labor, is the central question of what the short-time work is at all. Finally, Volkswagen could also compensate for otherwise the failure. He believes that it might qualify while claiming only an escalation step to put the trader even more pressure.


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