Tuesday, August 23, 2016

VW binds on to suppliers Prevent – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Volkswagen has settled his power struggle with two suppliers based in Bosnia Prevent Group and thus averted at the last minute major economic damage to the company. The production in the VW plants to run at the beginning of next week back to normal reportedly. The component plant in Kassel, which with building necessary for the VW Golf gear, for now missing trader parts to earlier begin again the work.

Carsten Germis Author: Carsten Germis, economics correspondent in Hamburg.

After a nearly twenty-hour marathon negotiations to lawyers and buyers of car group agreed on Tuesday with the Prevent group and its Saxon subsidiary ES Automobilguss and the seat cover manufacturer car Trim one end of the delivery strike. The power struggle between the two companies led to production shortfalls in several VW plants and almost 30,000 employees on forced leave and short-time working.

“The suppliers take deliveries of Volkswagen short again,” it says in a statement from VW who joined Prevent later. “The affected sites prepare accordingly gradual resumption of production before.” As the company in future concrete reorganize their cooperation and how much compensation VW pays to the Prevent Group, remained time being unclear.

“Unacceptable receivables “

” was about the contents of the agreement agreed not to disclose, “says consistently in the statements made by VW and the Eastern Horizon Group, which had occurred as a negotiating partner of the automotive company after the Prevent GmbH had declared with to be the two suppliers is not legally linked.

Nevertheless seeped evening first details by. Thus, VW must, which is heavily dependent on the supply by ES Auto Cast, looking reportedly for much needed gear parts for the Golf and other models until 2022 another supplier, but only up to a volume of 20 percent. In addition to have been agreed that VW will not claim any compensation.

Alexander Gertung, a Managing Director of ES Auto Cast , said: “We now have sustainable planning security, especially in view of the jobs, more than 400 jobs are thus secured in the long term.” from the business community of VW said in recent days repeatedly Prevent’ve made “unacceptable demands”. Even the word “blackmail” had fallen behind their hands.

Up to the brink of existence

The extending beyond the dispute over a ruptured order background to the conflict remained despite the now become known details after the agreement in the dark. The pressure on VW and Prevent was great to do a deal. For VW, it was important, necessary for the production casing and seat covers of the two Saxon suppliers – which had been taken over by Prevent a few months ago – to obtain as soon as possible. That now seems assured.

More about

risk for suppliers to the conflict at the end of even the existence , The management was under enormous pressure to present to a joint meeting of the ES car cast on Tuesday results after the workforce caring made about their jobs. A “long-term continuation of business” is now secured, BelTA learned from the environment of Prevent. Moreover Gerstung spoke of an “amicable and fair agreement on previously open financial issues”.

Prevent’ve increasingly media coverage beyond reaching interest in the nested structures of participation and the many conflicts of the group with other carmakers catered recent years for uncertainty was to hear from the environment.

million compensation for Prevent

with its demand for a one-time compensation seems to have Prevent partially enforced?. “If we otherwise take the deliveries again immediately?” It said in the company’s environment. Prices for ongoing consignments have reportedly played a role in the conflict. Reason for the dispute with the two suppliers from Saxony was according to data from the environment of Prevent a dismissed from VW contract for the development of new seat covers.

For already made investments and consumptions Car Trim demanded 56 million euros in compensation, which VW refused. Supposedly they invest around 13 million euros after the agreement. With its demand justified Car Trim, to stop the supply of seat covers. To increase the pressure, the Prevent subsidiary ES Automobilguss suspended the supply of gearboxes after Car Trim had given up some of the claims on other suppliers.


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