Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Age poverty – Nearly one million pensioners falter with mini job on – Süddeutsche.de

  • end of last year had 943,000 65s minor employment.
  • The number of seniors with minor employment thus increased since 2010 by 22 percent and compared to 2005 even by 35 percent.
  • ten years ago, less than 700 000. seniors worked in a mini job.

more and more retirees are working in addition to the pension in a mini job to supplement their income. End of last year had 943,000 65s minor employment. This is evident from the current figures from the Federal Labour Ministry that the Funke Mediengruppe are present.

The number of pensioners with Minijob so since 2010 increased by 22 percent and compared to 2005 even by 35 Percent. Ten years ago, less than 700 000. seniors worked in a mini job. A particularly large increase, there are reported to be among pensioners aged 75 and over. End of last year were just under 176 000 seniors in this age group more than double the number employed in a so-called 450-Euro-Job in of 2005.

The increase in mini jobbing pensioners shows that more and more pensioners retirement benefits would improve, criticized the pension expert Matthias Birkwald of the left parliamentary group, the hattte requested the numbers. Sufferers worked “not for fun, but because the pension is not enough to live on.” The left-politician called “flexible and socially secure early retirement for those who do not make it to the standard retirement age, the” and “poverty-proof and the standard of living securing pension”.

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social organizations demand stronger action against poverty in old age

see also the social organizations in the increasing number of pensioners with Mini Jobs an indication of growing poverty in old age. So the Social Association Germany had (SoVD) only in the last week prompted the federal government to do more to combat poverty in old age.

A similar request of the Left Party Bundestag Sabine Zimmermann had resulted in early July that whatsoever more employees in Germany have a second job. The number of workers who are in a mini job were also active in addition to social insurance contributions, thus increased from about 1.4 million in June 2004 to nearly 2.5 million in June 2015. This represents an increase of 77.4 percent. Reported to have 2015, more women (1.4 million) than men (1.08 million) an additional job. Pensioners were not included here


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