Friday, August 26, 2016

VW short-time work but then only in Emden –

The dispute with the VW suppliers is for the Group, the employees and contributors less serious assumed than feared: Only in Emden there was short-time work – at the five other sites concerned, consolidated without it.

After the agreement in dispute trader Volkswagen dispensed in five of the six affected stations on short-time working. The vast majority of the downtime they had to absorb through internal measures, said the automaker. Because of the now enclosed dispute with two suppliers of Prevent Group a total of nearly 30,000 people were threatened in six plants of short-time work


Only the Emden plant there was short-time work. There, the production had to be stopped due to lack of seat covers of Prevent subsidiary Car Trim. According to previous information in the work were affected 7500 the overall good 9000 employees of short-time working. There including the CC the midrange model Passat running in different versions from the tape.

Because of the conflict, the group had stopped the Golf production at the parent plant in Wolfsburg, among other things, was in Zwickau, Saxony the production of the Golf and Passat still.

council boss Bernd Osterloh brought into play because of a dispute a closer bond of car Group to its partners. “I will therefore now not say that VW should participate in all its suppliers. But at vulnerable key points that might be a way,” he said in an interview with the news agency dpa. Another attempt here are minority interests or rights of first refusal.

Two companies of the Prevent Group had adjusted the supply of components and seat covers on VW in recent weeks. This led to production shortfalls in several VW plants. About details of the agreement of Tuesday was not disclosed. The “Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung” reported that both parties had agreed a long-term partnership.


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