Tuesday, August 30, 2016

economy | Less business tax revenue by VW: Städtebund calls aids – IMAGE

BERLIN / WOLFSBURG (AFX) – The Federation of Municipal Authorities has additional financial assistance for municipalities, which saw the business tax revenue because of the VW & lt; VOW3.ETR & gt; -Abgaskrise slumped. The federal states should consider to support these communities on the municipal financial equalization addition additionally, said Deputy General Manager of the German Association of Towns and Municipalities, Uwe Zimmermann, the German Press Agency in Berlin. “We can not drop these cities under water.”

The wegbrechenden revenues from the business tax by the exhaust scandal had for the affected communities a “serious blow” Zimmermann said. The cities have indeed benefited in the good VW times from trade tax. Now, the loss of revenue but would have a massive impact

The exhaust lt scandal at Volkswagen &;. VOW3.ETR & gt; increases the cost of the daily lives of people in many German VW locations in the level. Because of the massive slump in business tax turn affected towns like Wolfsburg, Braunschweig and Weissach in Baden-Württemberg partly violently to their charges screws as a nationwide survey of the German press agency had surrendered. The illustrative list of austerity measures is long. It ranges from higher costs for child care, parking, tombs, baths or the dog tax on Painted posts in the administration to cuts in cultural funding

Volkswagen was as a result of exhaust scandal had plunged into a serious crisis and 2015 posted its highest ever loss the Group’s history.


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