Saturday, August 27, 2016

WhatsApp is user data to Facebook Next: To contradict – RTL Online

It does not have to be! Because there is a way to avoid the exchange of data between WhatsApp and Facebook. Existing members may object to at least the data used for the personalization of Facebook advertising and Friends suggestions on how the service made clear. will be passed on Facebook the phone number anyway. The information could then be used by Facebook, for example, to improve the operation of the infrastructure and safety, it was

Here’s how:. Each WhatsApp users get sooner or later an invitation to the new Terms and Conditions to accept. Instead of the big ‘push Zustimmen’ button, click’ Read ‘. Then you get to a bottom on which you can either remove the check mark.

With the balance of the phone number, among other more relevant advertising on Facebook should be able to see, the company said. The buddy search should be improved. but WhatsApp itself should continue to be ad-free.


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