Tuesday, August 30, 2016

France wants to end TTIP – tagesschau.de

It is close to the transatlantic FTA TTIP. Particularly critical look at the Frenchman the project. The government wants to ask the European Commission to stop the negotiations with Washington.

France makes steam. Long it annoys the French Government and also the president how to run the TTIP negotiations. François Hollande was therefore very clear words. “The negotiations are deadlocked, the positions were not respected, and there’s an obvious imbalance,” said he in a speech to the assembled ambassadors who represented France in the world. Hollande’s message was clear: “. The negotiations will probably not be completed by the end”

Even more clearly than Hollande in charge of the Foreign Trade Secretary Mathias Fekl had previously become: “The Americans move a millimeter, they throw us more than crumbs. ” A crumb tactic that no longer wants to accept at least France. “France considers that these negotiations must be stopped, and that there should be no more meetings between the negotiators,” said Fekl


EU should negotiations stop

And Fekl it means very serious about it. For some time the French criticize the behavior of their American interlocutors, but now Fekl has announced that he will ask the European Commission to stop the negotiations: “I will request the meeting of EU industry ministers in late September in Brativslava on behalf of France that the negotiations will not continue. “

France has enough. Long in charge of TTIP State is the agreement over critical. In May Fekl said in an exclusive interview to the ARD Studio Paris: “The Americans have no region accepted to open and respond to the European proposals.”

class = “subtitle small”> criticism of arbitration courts and lack of transparency

the lack of transparency is the French just an eyesore as the refusal that even small and medium sized enterprises from Europe access can get to US markets. What good TTIP if benefit only the Americans? Another problem: The proposed arbitration in commercial disputes. Europe wants a Commercial Court, the United States do not want that.

“We would like that this is a multilateral Court found that there are no private courts but public courts with public judges who be paid for by public money, “said Fekl. “That is, they are independent. The USA do not want to discuss it, that’s their right, but it is also our right to draw the consequences if it continues.”

As it stands, it goes on much longer. Within the Socialist Party TTIP is already a red flag. Former Economy Minister Arnaud Montebourg called the planned negotiating stop as “great thing”.

power TTIP without France sense?

Although could EU Commission continue to negotiate, it has to the mandate; but if gets out the second largest European economy from the negotiations with France, the question of meaning of this agreement will provide more clear

State Fekl Beginning in May very skeptical. “I do not think absolutely that there will be this year an agreement that something will be signed. ” And what will be next year, can anyway no say. For then there is a new president or a president in the United States, and there are elections in Germany and France


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