Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Armed with suppliers: Volkswagen and Prevent reach agreement – Tagesspiegel

Delivery dispute at Volkswagen there is a solution. This was confirmed by a company spokesman on Tuesday morning the agencies dpa and AFP. Thus Volkswagen is to quickly get parts of the Prevent Company Car Trim and ES Automobilguss. The affected by the delivery stop VW plants prepare accordingly “gradually” the resumption of production before. The “Hannoversche Allgemeine” reported on the agreement of the parties. They could now even agreed on a long-term partnership, it said in the report.

For details of the negotiated settlement, both sides have not come forward. “About the contents of the agreement has been agreed not to disclose,” it said in the joint statement of the Volkswagen and the two members of the Prevent Group companies CarTrim and ES Automobilguss.

Lower Saxony Prime Minister and Volkswagen Supervisory Board member Stephan Weil (SPD ) welcomed the breakthrough. “I am especially happy for the employees, who can now quickly return to their jobs back. They have become in the last few days the victims of a conflict that has been discharged on her back unnecessarily,” he said in Hanover. He also voiced criticism of the behavior of suppliers from Saxony.

“It stays with me an uneasiness about the actions of the Prevent Group, which was not prepared to set out in our constitutional state way of clarification in the courts to go . She has instead opened a major conflict with considerable damage, “said Weil.

handle for short-time work was criticized

Since Monday had VW and the two suppliers almost continuously the possibility of an amicable settlement explored. “There are still a few points of detail, where it hooks” the spokesman of the Prevent Group said yet on Tuesday morning after 19 hours of negotiations. He said the chances for an agreement at this time with 50:50. The two suppliers Car Trim and ES Automobilguss had stopped the supply of covers for car seats and gearbox on VW. Background was a dispute over a canceled contract from VW.

exhaust affair pushes further gains at Volkswagen

Previously became known that the payment of partial unemployment benefits for workers Volkswagen in the current dispute, the contributors could cost around ten million euros per week. This was reported by the “image”, citing internal estimates. The sum is based on how many of the 28,000 threatened employees in the six VW plants ultimately go on short time. The production at the sites stopped on Monday. Before short-time working allowance is paid, the employee must first degrade overtime.

In politics criticism of the plans of VW already had become loud. The group should not impose the contributors to the social security funds, the cost of its dispute with suppliers, it said in the Union. With reduced working hours, companies can react to a drop in orders, without equal to lay off employees. For this, the company working is reduced temporarily. For the loss of earnings of employees jumps to request the Federal Employment Agency with the short-time allowance called when certain conditions are met

The CDU labor market expert Karl Schiewerling said the “Sueddeutsche Zeitung”. “Short-time work is no strike fund for companies that are located in the economic struggle and received contracts fail to comply in good faith. ” The cost of the dispute hiss VW and suppliers should not be burdened with third parties. Similarly, the CSU SME politician Hans Michelbach said: “The short-time allowance is not intended that its buying power on the hump of contributors financially safeguards”, he told the “Rheinische Post”

from the Community

This is a good example of how losses are allocated to the company. Just because VW has driven high risks in purchasing and dispensed redundancies, the public must pay in the form of short-time allowance.

… writes Licensees orbital

The SME representatives of the Greens parliamentary group, Thomas Gambke, argued the same way: “It is wrong that the payer is charged because a group with its supplier companies ausficht a commercial conflict” he told the Journal. “That’s not at all.” (AP, AFP, rtr)


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