Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tesla: Fastest car in the world in mass production – Handelsblatt

Elon Musk

the head of Tesla is confident: 100 kWh battery is the new model P100D the fastest car in the world

(Photo: Reuters)

new York A hacker had months ago Notes on the new model P100D Tesla found. Then the California carmaker images published with an underlined 100 on social networks. It’s official: Tesla built a battery that is eleven percent more powerful than its predecessor, with 100 kilowatt hours: “We have reached the technical limit,” said Tesla CEO Elon Musk at a press conference. He spoke of “extreme difficulty” in the development.
The P100D model is available for the electric Model S sedan and the SUV model X. Here, the P stands for Performance and D for dual engine. The new technology allows the Model S from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in 2.5 seconds to accelerate, the Model X in 2.9 seconds. Thus they are noisy Musk the “fastest cars in series production in the world.” For him it was a “profound milestone” and a sign that “electric cars are the future”.

Some analysts appeared unimpressed. Michael Harley, an expert in industry service Kelley Blue Book, it did as “Heischen for attention” from “True sports car can not only speed, but also demonstrate appropriate driving behavior and braking systems – both the sedan and the SUV is missing both”
the new batteries also broaden the range of electric vehicles for the first time to more than 300 miles or about 500 kilometers. That’s according to Musk, the minimum that one can now “at normal speed from Los Angeles to San Francisco drive without having to recharge the car.” The distance amounts to 613 km on the route
Musk is fixed for a long time. He often commutes to San Francisco, the seat of Tesla, to Los Angeles, the seat of his other company Space X. The route to Soon to fly and too far to drive, as he complained often. Therefore, he brought the idea of ​​Hyper Loops into play: The high speed transport system on an air cushion is intended to create the route in less than an hour
Inexpensive is the most fun with the P100D terrible.. The basic models cost $ 135,000. “This is an expensive car,” Musk admits frankly. But he justifies the money with the new Model 3: “Every sale helps the smaller and much more affordable Tesla Model 3″. This is the middle of next year will be produced and cost as the base model $ 35,000. The state of the production – analysts fear a significant delay – said Musk: “It looks a lot better than I expected”



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