Friday, August 26, 2016

Volkswagen: VW hooked from short-time working. Osterloh urges rethink –


  in five out of six plants short-time  work. VW has the vendor dispute can largely absorb  in Germany. the powerful works council chairman  Bernd Osterloh takes as a lesson from the conflict  one of the Group's greater involvement in its  suppliers into play


 In five out of six plants short-time work: VW to supply dispute largely managed to intercept in Germany. The powerful works council chairman Bernd Osterloh takes as a lesson from the conflict one of the Group’s greater involvement in its suppliers into play

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After the agreement in dispute trader Volkswagen dispensed in five of the six affected stations on short-time working. The vast majority of the downtime did VW can absorb through internal measures, the Wolfsburg carmaker said on Friday.

Only the Emden plant, where production had to be stopped due to lack of seat covers of Prevent subsidiary Car Trim, have there have been short-time working. In the work of 7500 a total of 9000 employees good short-time work were affected by earlier statements of VW. There the midrange model Passat running in different versions from the band, including the CC.

Because of the dispute with two suppliers of Prevent Group a total of nearly 30,000 people were threatened in six plants of short-time working. Volkswagen had settled the power struggle with the suppliers on Tuesday.

Because of the conflict, the group had stopped the Golf production at the parent plant in Wolfsburg, inter alia, in the Saxon town of Zwickau production of the Golf and Passat stopped. The impact of the dispute had a political debate on the short-time allowance triggered, which is paid by the Employment Agency. “Short-time compensation must not be misused as a financing tool for economic power games between companies,” demanded the labor market spokesman for the Union, Karl Schiewerling.

Group Works chief voted for participation of suppliers

VW group works council head Bernd Osterloh brings to the dispute with suppliers for a stronger commitment from the partners from this week. “I need our management does not defend, but the fault lies here not in my view at Volkswagen. However, we still need perhaps now because of the experiences of the past few days an additional warning system in order to reduce such risks for Volkswagen on. A possible approach here are minority interests – or pre “Osterloh said during a visit to the German Press Agency in Berlin.

He also think of the formation of the Japanese rival Toyota. “Toyota is involved in the end to many of its suppliers. I am not saying that VW should participate in all its suppliers now. But at vulnerable key points that might be a way,” Osterloh, who sits as a checker at the VW headquarters said , the core of the Supervisory Board

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