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Tax evasion – Reports: Apple should pay for tax tricks billion penalty – Sü

  • Apple has apparently pay extra taxes in the billions. The report multiple media.
  • The European Commission could give on Tuesday officially announced that Apple’s control construct in Ireland is illegal.

Apple was one of the first really big corporations that have settled in the tax haven of Ireland. All European business controls, the Group Ireland. Anyone who buys an iPhone in Germany, receives an invoice from Dublin. There the taxes for companies are particularly low. In addition, gains can be moved in Caribbean tax havens, the levy zero percent tax. Apple continues to lead group and made use such tax tricks particularly aggressive.

So it looks apparently also the European Commission. The Brussels authorities determined for years whether the Group in Ireland receives an unfair tax advantage. reportedly Now the decision has been made: Apple must pay a billion high penalty, reports the Reuters news agency and the Irish Times

US Treasury attacked the EU unusually sharp

Should Europe continue so powerfully investigate US corporations such as Apple, there would be a counter action. From Alexander Mühlauer more …

Starbucks had in a similar case 30 million euros to pay

the European Commission is reported to officially declare the tax agreement between Apple and Ireland this Tuesday inadmissible. Reuters quoted an anonymous source to the effect that Ireland would then instructed to seek more than one billion euros in unpaid taxes from the US group. The Irish Times also quoted anonymous sources, according to which it should even go to several billion euros.

That would be a sharp judgment against Apple. Starbucks took a control model in the Netherlands, which classified the European Commission deemed illegal. However, the coffee group had to pay extra 30 million euros.

Officially, the Commission does not comment on such reports always. It is expected that they will be on Tuesday at noon to formally announce its decision

US Treasury:. Decision contradicts common legal practice

The European Commission Ireland had in 2014 accused of international tax rules to have bypassed to bring jobs to the country. According to the Commission, these were to unauthorized aid. The EU Commission will decide whether such aid is illegal. About the tax laws decided by Member States, the European Commission can not say in this area of ​​law.

The Irish government and company management have the charges dismissed. Dublin has the possibility of bringing proceedings before the European Court against the decision of Brussels and in the past also been announced.

The decision could also lead to political turmoil. Last week, the US Treasury Department had criticized the actions of the Europeans in this and similar cases, such as Starbucks and Amazon. It is inconsistent and does not comply with the legal practice, it said in an analysis. Even against the mail order company Amazon, which operates its European headquarters in the tax haven of Luxembourg, running an EU control method


Facebook has trouble with the Inland Revenue

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