Tuesday, August 23, 2016

VW and suppliers put armed with – German wave

 For days raging power struggle between the Volkswagen Group and two companies that belong to a group called Prevent. With the result that the production standstill and almost 30,000 VW employees could not work as planned. Now the dispute has ended. What is it exactly went, however, is just as unclear as the details of the agreement.

  David against Goliath

 Also on the stock exchange the news of the agreement with relief was recorded. Some analysts have their own interpretation of the dispute.

  dispute in Brazilian VW plants

 Many industry observers were surprised by the dispute between VW and Prevent. Here, a look to Brazil would have shown that the two companies are on a collision course. In Brazilian VW plants conveyors stand still for some time, says our correspondent.

  slave labor in Qatar

 The Arab emirate of Qatar to host the soccer World Cup in the year 2022nd So it decided the world governing body Fifa. What is the role played corruption, is yet determined.

 the decision has been criticized for several reasons: It is there too hot to play football in the summer, the stadiums must be built yet, and workers there labor under slave-like conditions. For today’s International Day for the Abolition of Slavery reported our correspondent, as the working conditions in Qatar today.


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