Saturday, August 27, 2016

iPhone hacked: How to protect yourself against Pegasus – THE WORLD

The greatest vulnerability of the company’s history has shaken the technology giant Apple. A spyware named Pegasus had managed what many experts unthinkable thought: to infiltrate the iPhone. The IT security firm Lookout had made the issue on her blog publicly. Pegasus was the hitherto most sophisticated program of its kind, the Americans informed.

So far were Apple products as particularly secure. This was due, among other things, the closed system of the company, which excludes the use of third party software. Accordingly, the message Apple users replied world in excitement. The company published in response an update for its iOS operating system in order to close the gap.

the software was busted thanks to the human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor from the United Arab Emirates, of a suspicious mail to Canadian security researchers from Citizen Lab – a facility of the University of Toronto – passed. The then discovered together with Lookout the suspicious program.

Even Android and BlackBerry are vulnerable

For Mansoor it was the third time that he of victims spyware was. “The attack on Mansoor is another proof that” lawful “spy software has a high potential for abuse and that some governments of temptation can not resist to use those tools against political opponents, journalists and human rights”, write the Canadians in their investigation report.

Photo: AP the activist Ahmed Mansoor was victim of hacker attack

the program proceeds appear on phones using crafted links in emails as those who got Mansoor. Who clicks on the link clueless, Pegasus brings on its own device. As a result, the program can read along all ongoing communication over the phone.

mails, “WhatsApp”, Facebook, calls: Nothing is certain. The user himself does not notice. According to Lookout, the program can also be used on phones with different operating system, such as Android or BlackBerry.

Software seems to pursue political objectives

Manufacturer of souped Spähprogramms is apparently the Israeli company NOS that has specialized in the development of such programs. Two years ago, the American private equity firm Francisco Partners acquired the company. The invested interestingly also in IT security companies like WatchGuard Technologies.

Compared to the “New York Times” told NOS, we sell exclusively to authorized government agencies and also for purposes of fighting crime. Whether the government of the UAE is one of the customers, is not known.

not have to fear most Apple users but. The software seems to be used primarily targeted against specific targets, as against dissidents like Mansoor or in corporate espionage. In addition, to fix the problem, the IOS update.

To find out if your iPhone is affected

And some more measures help their own protect phone against spyware. Thus, one should, for example, do not perform so-called jailbreak, as explained Julian Graf von der Verbraucherzentrale Nordrhein-Westfalen. Here, the user gives using appropriate software extended access rights.

advantage of the action: even programs that do not originate from our own Apple Store can be installed on the device. That may sound harmless, but has ill-intentioned hackers new gateways. “Generally you should only download software from official channels,” explains Graf.

Apple – and the competitors – monitor their portals and try to filter out fraudulent offers. Who has a mobile phone with Android operating system, in addition should also install an anti-virus software. The Google product is considered more vulnerable to malicious software because of its open structure.

Furthermore provides Lookout now the opportunity to check whether their own iPhone is affected by the attack. Therefore one must, however, download the app and the company register. There is then the possibility of checking whether the phone has been infiltrated.

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