Thursday, August 25, 2016

WhatsApp: And they share data! – Times Online

As Facebook two years ago the messaging service took WhatsApp for 19 billion US dollars, at its founder Jan Koum was still fairly certain: WhatsApp will not share data about users with the social network, there will also be no advertising and privacy stand still in the first place. “We strive for a partnership that allows us to operate independently and autonomously,” wrote Koum.

Even then questioned critics in mind that Koums claim medium could prevail. With more than a billion active users WhatsApp is a gigantic phonebook and Facebook would be mad not to try to exploit this potential in any form. Finally, the social network is not just $ 19 billion in order to operate a service that virtually no turnover

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now to get right the critics. WhatsApp will continue to share user data with the Facebook mother. That gave the company on Thursday with the announcement of new privacy policies and terms known that there is to read in detail. It relates both to the mobile numbers of WhatsApp users and individual device data.

WhatsApp speaks of coordinate data on services away. What does that mean? Facebook users can, but do not currently enter mobile phone number in their profile. Who does it while using WhatsApp, Facebook thus shows that behind the two accounts of the same user slides. At the same time to analyze data about which mobile operating system and how often the app is used, are received.

Facebook in turn plans to this information both for better suggestions in the Friends list, as even for advertising purposes to use. It will explicitly not share the phone numbers with third parties or even sell.

But only synchronize with other internal databases

An example describes the Associated Press news agency: already deposited a WhatsApp user has his phone number in a company, such as a mail order company. , The mail order company in turn switched on advertising on Facebook and loads on the Custom Audience program an encrypted customer lists high. Facebook is like this list from the own database. If it does match the phone numbers, the respective user could get personalized offers of the online retailer. How exactly could look, is still unclear. For classic commercials, it should not give up WhatsApp in the future.

With the new guidelines allows WhatsApp however the first time that companies, individual users can contact you. Thus, an airline may in future confide in a customer WhatsApp on delays or changes. So far, such deals were prohibited in the Chat service. But in times of Chatbots to WhatsApp looks apparently forced to open the platform new sources of income. Users should check appropriate messages or block.


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