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Electric Mobility – As the post with an electric car wants to improve the world – Sü

can buy online to be good for the environment – but only when it is delivered efficiently. The StreetScooter improved at least the carbon footprint of a package.

From Varinia Bernau , Aachen

The squealing tires when Jürgen Gerdes round after round the roundabout rotates. The yellow van is his latest toy. And it could be the solution to a pressing problem: The more people order something on the Internet, the more packets must be carted across the country. 290 million it had last year alone. With each about 500 grams of climate-damaging carbon dioxide are blown into the air, according to estimates. And that is not the only pollutant that comes from the exhaust. The StreetScooter responsible by Gerdes, Board Member of Deutsche Post for the delivery of letters and parcels, injected via the company’s own test site is powered with green energy.

In this years the Germans worth of goods are expected to order online about 46 billion euros – twice as much as six years ago. So far the Germans buy mainly clothes, electronics and books on the net. But soon there may also be food and other daily necessities. All orders must be brought to the customer. And often back to the dealer because something does not fit. In particular, the pressure to deliver orders quickly, making the mail carriers to provide – and thus the environment. The better they utilize the vehicles and the routes can plan, the less fuel to fall

smaller packages, lower emissions

The delivery to a pre-agreed point -. It was a packing station, whether the kiosk, which takes the packages for the neighborhood – are the emissions by 20 to 30 percent lower than when the postman must deliver to individual addresses, says Thomas Bergmann from Ökoinstitut, a research organization, responsible for the consequences of social developments environmental traces.

through the utilization of the car can save some fuel. Another reason why some of the mail order company Otto has made less than three years before his boxes: 1.5 liters less air in the package makes 500 fewer truckloads per year. And that is why the bed of StreetScooter is built so that it can be stowed packages with a volume of four cubic meters. The Vans unit that buys the post for car manufacturers with the same promise they are because of the rough edges in the interior often only two and a half cubic meters


return of the maids

More offer for all: In the first glance democratized the online trading services. But he insecure manager – and creates a new top and bottom. From Karl-Heinz Büschemann more …

online is better for the environment

But what climate damage caused shopping, depends on so much more: Those who live in the city, doing his shopping at low-power notebook orders bundles and invoices in e -mail specialist collects, whose ecological balance is better than that of someone who goes to the mall with the SUV. But even better than a customer who lives in the country, owning a car has been abolished and therefore has to rely on special operations of the delivery man.

Who online orders a pair of shoes, for he otherwise specially in the city was traveling, which lowers the burden for the climate. For his journey takes the messenger. With fuel-efficient cars and a better planned route. But what about in shoes that the customer has already looked at the store and later ordered on the net? What if he uses the saved when shopping online time for a picnic? And what if he, because it’s so easy, even buying a few shirts that he does not need? “Through online trading, consumption can be stimulated,” says Bergmann. “That may be economically good, but of course, the ecological rucksack, everyone has to shoulder in order not just smaller.”


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