Tuesday, August 30, 2016

“Banks stash money”: On unclaimed accounts are billions – n-tv.de NEWS



 Tuesday, August 30, 2016


 On unmoved accounts dormant considerable sums. Often there is money from the deceased, the heirs know nothing of. Can banks not the survivors discover that wealth stays there. A reporting system could provide a remedy.



There are substantial sums that are unnoticed on “unclaimed” accounts. Often it is probably at the bank of a now deceased account holder, not knowing their relatives or heirs of the money. Nationwide there go to a latest forecast from NRW to around two billion euros, estimates of NRW Finance Minister Norbert Walter-Borjans – trend clearly rising. This treasure will the SPD politician lift – and at the same time fix a grievance, as he says. He criticizes the banks: “It can not be that banks hoard money that does not deserve.”

The NRW Minister sees need for action and stresses many federal states targeted an improvement on. So far it is so: If the banks’ wish to see or find “no heir, the property stays there. “The money belongs but someone. And to get it.” There were even accounts for which the owner would theoretically be 120 years. Walter-Borjans said: “adoptable accounts strengthen the capital base of the banks.” It Imagine also the question of how bypassed “honest” banks with their clients. They should be quite firmly committed “to use every effort on helping those entitled to their money”. . And a central database would help

Reporting of “dormant accounts”

Banks do not understand change requests: “The German banking industry sees no reason at present tried and tested practice regarding dormant accounts to change anything. ” Go to the contact with the customer lost about Post will be returned as undeliverable, spot every credit institution to researching, portrays the Association of German Banks. If no permanent customer contact can be established, “the power is obtained in each case for the customer”. The Bank does not own an unclaimed account. The policy should not create the impression that the protection of assets stand “in its discretion”.

The Association of German heritage investigator considers that improvements on the other hand necessary. Most European countries have long been in place a reporting system for dormant accounts, says VDEE spokesman Albrecht Basse. With a publicly accessible register potential heirs could also investigate itself. Currently it was Heritage investigators or estate caretakers impossible to obtain reliable information about the full range of assets with banks. And the problem will continue to grow, believes Basse. “In the past is still pushed by the house-clearing of the deceased grandparents on the old passbook. But in times of increasing online accounts falls children and grandchildren will soon no longer much in the hands.” And: “More transparency in banking” will also lead to high additional revenue for the state through the inheritance tax. That is positive.

Banking, but not citizen-friendly

More about

Are heirs, the states can mitprofitieren about the inheritance. If at the end no heirs trackable, the money would have to go by law as a “fiscal inheritance” to the country. When NRW advance a plus for the Treasury stand but not the focal point, underlines Walter-Borjans. According to his ministry, it is however “fact” that there can serve the public better than at a bank. Baden-Württemberg Finance Minister Edith seat man had recently demanded that the state should get to their accounts and credit access options if there are no longer owners.

The problem of the non-moving accounts had known for some time and must now be addressed promoted , calls for the NRW Minister. A first attempt of a country-AG from 2013 had not been successful. “It would actually be quite easy and not to make overly bureaucratic. Some solutions are already on the table.” However, there are also the provinces still discussions. So be about Hessen with its financial center Frankfurt “restrained”. And without the federal government did not go. But: “The Federal Ministry of Finance has, contrary to its promise seem to date no action (…) This is any bank, but not citizen-friendly..”

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