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Amazon: What the “Dash” button Amazon bring – WirtschaftsWoche

In Germany, customers can order by pressing a button at Amazon future. For the user brings the comforts for Amazon “Dash” an important step could be to fully automated delivery back.

The world’s largest online retailer Amazon brings its “Dash” -Bestellknöpfe with which consumables can be reordered, to Germany. The small devices that look like a doorbell with Brand Label can be acquired since Wednesday as Amazon announced.

The idea is that customers attach it to a suitable location in their budget – for example, directly to the washing machine – and then can press when they run out individual daily consumer goods. This order is thereby triggered with just one click

The Dash buttons sold Amazon for 4,99 € -. Which are credited on first purchase with them. To start marks are “dozens” it said Amazon manager Amir Pelleg. On the website, there are currently 20 different ordering buttons.

Amazon Dash: These products are available in Germany at your fingertips

  • organic products

    cornflakes ., agave syrup or millet: This can be ordered with the Dash button of Bio-Zentrale

  • labels

    also, for the office, there is a matching Dash button. Namely, the for labels of the brand Herma

  • facial

    products such as the wrinkle Expert -3-D-Hyaluron activator or the high-performance anti-aging night cream No. . 110 can be delivered to the push of the Diadermine Dash

  • hair removal

    in some places on the body, the hair is to be maintained (for there is the Schwarzkopf button), elsewhere one fights with the hair removal. . Again, there are the appropriate buttons: the brands Gillette and Veet products can also be ordered through Amazon Dash buttons

  • hair care

    From Schauma 7 herbal shampoo to got-2-B-styling paste (matte, . for the surfer look) you can stock over the matching Dash button with hair care products Schwarzkopf

  • coffee

    Whether or Lungo Intensivo: with the Dash button of Caffè Vergnano 1882 coffee supplies at your fingertips on the way.

  • dough

    Yes, plasticine there also. You should probably better to hang this button somewhere out of reach of children’s hands. Or be director of a kindergarten. . Otherwise you might soon have more Play-Doh-Glitter Plasticine, than you’d like

  • condoms

    also, condoms and lube from Durex can buy an Amazon button.

  • garbage bags

    Even trash bags are easy to order: By Brabantia button ., with which you can also purchase the same garbage bag dispenser

  • handkerchiefs

    For allergic and excessive love schmaltz-gazers, it is particularly good news. Kleenex there also purchased a Dash

  • animal feed

    also, animal feed there at your fingertips. . Own Dash buttons there each Eukanuba, Whiskas, Dreamies and Pedigree

  • toilet paper

    Yes, this button glued myself to the bathroom. In addition to home fragrance. . Then, the supply of moist toilet paper brand Cottonelle also not clear from

  • washing

    the path to the drug store around the corner is the owner of Ariel Dash saves: For 4.99 there for new detergent button. Also Persil fans can order their detergent by pressing a button

  • .

    also toothbrush heads and toothpaste Oral-B there by pushing the Amazon Dash button.

Quite unexpectedly came the start not in Germany. Since the end of July users could in the Amazon App in Germany under the rider decide “notifications” if they want to receive notifications when orders over Dash buttons are placed.

In the US, Amazon introduced the buttons one in spring 2015, there 150 brands are now represented. In the past two months, the order would have tripled over the Dash buttons in the US, Pelleg said. “Currently we see two orders per minute.” The brands have urged Amazon to expand more rapidly internationally.

Jeff Bezos is working on the realization of his dream: to a group that knows no boundaries. Amazon is a company in the state of permanent revolution.

As Germany with a share of eleven percent of the most important foreign market for Amazon, it is not surprising that Germany is one of the first foreign markets, where attempts Amazon Dash. In the US household products made of paper, detergents and beverages are among the most frequently ordered goods.

Mabel McLean, with the US management consultancy L2 responsible for Amazon, has studied the effects of Dash buttons in the US: “Five of the ten top household products on Amazon are among brands that are part of Dash- program, “she says. Among the top 100, there are at least 35 percent. “This suggests that the Dash Buttons boost sales for brands.” But also speak, that are looking more and more brands for the Dash program.

Thanks to Amazon and Co. is any desired goods only a few clicks away. But it should go even faster and easier. At this the retail giant and its competitors operate. Technologies that are transforming our shopping.

Among Henkel. The Duesseldorf company has since the end of June in the US in Dash program, among others with the brands Persil and Schwarzkopf. On request stated a company spokesperson: “So far we are pleased with the development. Our Dash buttons are in the United States the most successful in their respective categories. “Exact sales figures they did not call. In Germany, Henkel tried with the order buttons.

Whether the buttons will prevail? Despite the good numbers in the US – on the mass market Dash has not arrived yet, says Marc Elevator, CEO of Factor-A, a company advising the producers in their activities on Amazon. To date, there is in the United States, only a small number of “early adopters” who ventured to the new order medium. “Nevertheless, the button for Amazon is already a very powerful tool, especially as customer loyalty is concerned.”


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