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Fake exhaust values ​​- Exhaust affair: Many auto companies have manipulated … – Sü

Even the industry-friendly ADAC warned the policy years ago in front of the fake gas values. At the Federal Government bounced off that.

From Thomas Fromm Klaus Ott and Reiko Pinkert, Berlin / Munich

Exhaust affair? Is there only in VW and not elsewhere. This is the interpretation of almost all car manufacturers. Daimler, Fiat, Opel – it far from him, although even with them excessive levels of pollutants from diesel vehicles were measured all have failings. The federal government makes them largely grant, instead of cracking down. Strict conditions were only found for the sinner VW.

With version, only Volkswagen was wrong motorists, evacuate the Bundestag interviewed scientists and technicians now but thoroughly. One of the evaluators, Denis Pöhler the Institute of Environmental Physics, University of Heidelberg, even writes tampering upon virtually all manufacturers. Pöhler stressed in its opinion, since 2010 at the latest was known by a former study that the engines of modern diesel vehicles are designed to meet the limit values ​​for toxic nitrogen oxides only at the official measurements in the laboratory.

On the street is the emissions many times higher. The condition of the engines had been “manipulated”, that the limits on the test stand would have just yet complied. “. The weaknesses of the examination were exploited here This relates primarily diesel vehicles of all manufacturers,” sums up


Exhaust affair: government knew for years of manipulation

The ADAC and other experts have already 2010, the Ministry of the environment pointed out the fake values. The problem concerns “all producers”. By Klaus Ott and Thomas Fromm more …

Calculated the ADAC has warned the government early

you have almost all manipulated. As hard as it has so far hardly anyone said. And certainly no one that the state has turned as a consultant. But Pöhler spared his client from harsh criticism. “For all of the authorities” was for many years “apparent” that the actual emissions on the road from the official values ​​for the registration of vehicles significantly differed. In other words: The state itself has failed here

Poehler is one of several experts who drew the set up by the Bundestag inquiry committee to investigate the affair exhaust to rate.. The Committee had initiated Greens and the Left. With the help of experts, Parliament wants to get an idea of ​​whether and how the auto industry has cheated. The result is for information from SZ, NDR and WDR a disaster for the auto companies and the federal government.

They could know As flew almost a year ago the exhaust scandal at VW, the excitement was great. In industry, in politics, in industry association, anywhere. Manipulated emission tests for diesel vehicles? How can that be? Outrageous! On the revolt was rapidly followed by the attempt to swear the public in simple explanations: Thankfully, there have only a few VW engineers fudged, the industry is clean. The report now started to draw a completely different picture. They suggest the suspicion that manipulating exhaust measurements was for years an essential part of the business model of the automaker. Anyone who wanted to know – authorities, politicians, technical experts – could know it. Only: Ever wanted someone to know exactly what happened because for years in the background? Or one has deliberately looked the other way? Especially Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) now has to ask if it is not tackled too lax the matter and the exhaust problem for months downplayed against their better judgment. Thomas pious

What bring strict requirements for then?

The Bundestag has also Reinhard scours asked the chief technician of actually industry-friendly ADAC. Scour has its opinion enclosed a letter written by the Automobile Association has sent on 2 June 2010 at the Federal Environment Ministry. The ADAC warned strongly against time that the ever more stringent limits for diesel vehicles would bring nothing. The goal is to reduce emissions, will “miss”.

What bring strict conditions, when the emission control is designed so that the cars comply with its authorization, the official set-up on the test bench, the “daily operating in real city traffic “but much had worse values?


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