Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Amazon Dash – With the order button Amazon pet must never be hungry – Sü

detergent, printer ink, animal feed: With “Dash”, an order button to stick, are now also German customers order more on Amazon. The resourceful pet can even order feeding stocks.

The supply of mouthwash includes a few Drops. The color printer spits out funny strips, because it lacks the ink. And the guinea pigs have to settle for an emergency ration, because the feed is low. There are those moments when the Dash button to help: a button with which you can order supplies of a product that you need regularly

Since Wednesday the online retailer Amazon offers those buttons in this country for. Prime customers, as for detergents, cosmetics or animal feeds. A few dozen producers have; it is mainly large branded companies. Delivery is by mail, on Amazon systems.

The Dash button looks like a doorbell, which is connected to the Internet. Does the customer, the dealer knows what goods he will deliver wherever. The price the customer sees only when the confirmation on the smartphone arrives. This is precisely where critics: the customer lacks the price comparison, the more of such controls there. In the US, the buttons are already available for over a year. Amazon posted two button orders per minute


the button is only an interim solution

But that’s a lot for a country like the US? The research firm Slice Intelligence According to every second Dash button-owner has pushed the button even once. Nevertheless, manufacturers are willing zuzuschießen up to $ 15 for each new button with which their product can be ordered. The reports the Wall Street Journal .

They want the new distribution apparently try. In Germany, customers will pay just under five euros if they buy a Dash button. they get the money back but if they really order a product.

Of course, the knob is only an interim solution. In the long term, the printer even noticing that he runs out of ink, and reorder themselves. This function tests Amazon since Wednesday on first printers, washing machines and dishwashers.

What to do when the pet itself ordered all food supplies?

This is a further attack on the shop around the corner, where you might have bought the ink cartridge or the washing powder, if there were no Dash button. Since only

Speaking of guinea pig, the question remains as to when even the domestic guinea pigs will be ready to order his own food. Amazon always worked only one order per button. Replenishment there only when the product is delivered. Customers can cancel in time if your child or pet has appointed times accidentally hundred Pullen mouthwash


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