Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Black’s work goes back further – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

In the construction industry, many Employees work according to the study, black.

In Germany, black work and illegal employment according to the calculations of scientists. “Better employment opportunities in the formal economy mean that fewer people offer their labor in the shadow economy”, – said in an analysis of the tübingen Institute for Applied economic research (IAW) and the University of Linz, which was released on Tuesday.

The ratio of shadow economy to official economy is reduced according to the study, for the eighth year in a row. The share of the gross domestic product (GDP) is 10.4 percent (previous year 10.8 percent), therefore, so low as never since the beginning of the study of statistics, 1995.

In the shadow economy are provided in this year according to the estimate of services to the value of 330 billion euros, 6 billion euros less than in 2016. Under the informal economy refers to undeclared work mostly pays in cash without an invoice and the tax is over -, but also other forms of illegal employment.

Germany is in the international comparison of the shadow economy volume, with 10.4 percent of the official GDP in the midfield of selected OECD countries. That there is in this country compared to the United States, or Switzerland seems to be more attractive is to work black, says Co-author Bernhard Boockmann from the IAW with the high density of Regulation of the labour market, minimum wage and protection from dismissal, he cites as examples. “The stronger the labour market is regulated, the stronger the temptation for employers in the shadow economy to evade and thus circumvent the regulation.”

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black work author Friedrich Schneider, University of Linz, especially in construction and crafts are affected according to the study, followed by gastronomy and household-related services, which also include the 24-hour care for the elderly.

“We assume that 90 percent of care takes place in a domestic community in illegality,” said the spokesperson for the Association for home care and nursing, Juliane Bohl. Controls in private dwellings are not legally perform very difficult, – said the press spokesman of the General Directorate of customs.


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