Friday, February 3, 2017

A letter in Trumps is not missing because of decree? – THE WORLD

Tatenlosigkeit you can’t accuse Donald Trump now really. In his first 14 days in office, the President has two proclamations publish, eleven memoranda and seven decrees, even “Executive Orders”.

That’s not necessarily the lawyers and other professionals of the American Federal government to be consulted, one suspects since Friday of last week, when Trump with decree number five, a temporary travel ban for citizens from seven States imposed.

The ban is not only responsible for the horror in the United States and many Parts of the world. But also for great confusion, because the regulations were formulated in Each of the abundant spongy. Even Paul Ryan, the powerful speaker of the house of representatives and party friend of Trump’s, was “regrettable”. Now it has been blocked by a Federal judge from Seattle, on a provisional basis.

On day 15 of the Era Trump, on Friday evening German time, followed decree number eight. With him essential parts of the regulations, be withdrawn, with which the U.S. government after the financial crisis had tried the banks create bonds.

A paragraph is missing

Like other Trump decrees also, this is kept short, 400 words conclusion. It is divided into three sections (“sections”). Section 1 contains six paragraphs, a-g – a, b, c, d, e, and then g.

e come on, logic would dictate that but, of course, that f follow. So it was, for example, the infamous ban on entry of decree, which contains, in clause 3, paragraphs a to h.

In the new, the financial deregulation decree but that is not the case. Paragraph f is – without that, there would be an obvious reason.

How is that? Not, was created by the decree in such a big hurry – and Trump signed – that anyone, even the President noticed the gap in the sequence of the paragraphs? Not read the decrees of correction before they are submitted to the President for signature?

Or are, in the truest sense of the word, in the White house, illiterate at the factory?


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