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Benko wants to close up to 20 locations: So many Karstadt stores are … – ABC Online

Benko wants to close up to 20 locations: So many Karstadt stores are … – ABC Online

Saturday, 16.08.2014, 10:50
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Karstadt has a new investor – and allegedly wants to invest in the company. Nevertheless, many stores are threatened with closure. Each house is now tested for its profitability.

After the change of ownership at the department store chain Karstadt threatens a report, several houses closure. As the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” on Saturday, citing the environment of the new owner René Benko, the Karstadt Supervisory Board will advise next Thursday on a restructuring plan. medium term, “15 to 20 houses” are closed it was thus. . Previously should every home be tested for its profitability

FOCUS had already weeks ago conducted a risk analysis that shows which sites are particularly vulnerable:

The Signa Holding the Austrian real estate developer Benko announced on Friday, they take over the department store chain Karstadt debt completely. There flowed no purchase price, emphasized Signa. The previous owner Nicolas Berggruen had taken Karstadt in September 2010 for a Euro.

Benko wants to Karstadt

As the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, citing Benkos environment continue to rebuild long-term in shopping centers reported that the entrepreneur wants to “ten years or more” remain here and invest in the company. Accordingly, he plans to bring brand dealers as additional tenants in Karstadt stores and rebuild it to larger shopping centers.

The union Verdi and the Karstadt council had Benko asked before to invest in the stores. . Berggruen is accused of having not done

Video: Karstadt goes with new owner in uncertain future

Berggruen had income – without having to invest ever

In addition to the Karstadt department stores Nicolas Berggruen waived in addition to the lucrative naming rights for the brand Karstadt. As the FOCUS report, go to the right as Berggruen’s stake in the premium real estate and Karstadt sports stores to René Benko Holding Signa.

Berggruen had with license fees for these rights in the years 2010 to 2014 revenue between 30 and achieved 40 million -. having invested without ever in the department store chain

Berggruen was prepared according to FOCUS Information in the spring, the department store business in the Tyrolean estate speculators Benko (37) assign. But the negotiations dragged on for months, until the agreement was announced on Thursday.

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