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Trial of top bankers: Bayern LB directors come almost unscathed … – Daily Mirror

Trial of top bankers: Bayern LB directors come almost unscathed … – Daily Mirror

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products when purchasing the Austrian bank Hypo Alpe Adria embezzlement and bribery in the game? The court says no. This would be particularly Michael Kemmer – the chief lobbyist for the private banks would not have been met in a conviction.

The German bank chief lobbyist Michael Kemmer and three other former executives of the BayernLB leave the infidelity trial in Munich as innocent. The district court placed the criminal proceedings against four of the six defendants on Tuesday against money requirements. The accusation of infidelity on the purchase of the Austrian bank Hypo Alpe Adria has not been confirmed at them, said the presiding judge Joachim Eckert. Also, a corruption of the Carinthian Government, Jörg Haider in connection with the purchase have the prosecution can not prove the fours. The acquisition of Hypo Alpe Adria in 2007 had become the BayernLB to one billion disaster.

Kemmer said after the court decision, he would again “with full force and full of energy,” his dedicate office as chief executive of the private bank association BdB. Although the acquisition of Klagenfurt Bank have proven to be bad business decision, he was still convinced that he had at that time conscientiously fulfilled his duties as BayernLB Board. He had now decided for practical reasons for preferring to accept the money circulation of 20,000 euros for the state treasury, as the process continued until the hoped-for acquittal. “I would have been tied up many days in Munich courtroom.” Kemmer was the only one of the six accused, who still works in a prominent position.

the BdB was found after adjustment of the criminal proceedings against its chief executive relieved. “The Association was convinced from the beginning of it, that the allegations prove to be unfounded. The court has now confirmed that Michael Kemmer has not committed a criminal offense, “said the association.

to sit on the dock of the former BayernLB CEO Werner Schmidt and his former board colleague Rudolf Hanisch . They are still accused of infidelity and corruption. They have also rejected the allegations as the now out of the courtroom dismissed. Could walk with Kemmer the former BayernLB Boards Theodor Harnischmacher, Ralph Schmidt and Stefan Ropers. They accepted money runs 5000-15000 euros. Roper said he wanted to finally end the process, even if he “does not accept the allegations in the approach.” Ralph Schmidt could be explained by his counsel, the process meant for him virtually a prohibition.
The prosecution had since the days of the expected adjustment agreed, after she had backed out on Monday. Reuters had reported on last Wednesday of the circles involved in the process that moved near a setting for four defendants to Kemmer.

The prosecution had accused the six defendants, they had the Hypo Alpe Adria 2007 blindly bought and thereby misappropriated money.
Hypo turned out in the financial crisis ailing and has been for the Landesbank and the Free State of Bavaria to the billion-grave. But the prosecutors found it difficult in the ongoing criminal trial for six months, to present evidence of infidelity and bribery. Reuters


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