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Benko renovated Karstadt: employees need to fear for jobs – ABC Online

Benko renovated Karstadt: employees need to fear for jobs – ABC Online

Tuesday, 08.19.2014, 14:46
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The Karstadt employees must continue to fear for the future of their jobs. The highly anticipated deliberations of the Supervisory Board on the new redevelopment plans, which were originally scheduled for this Thursday, has been postponed after the change of ownership.

How Karstadt announced on Tuesday, has the control committee canceled the meeting, a new date has not yet stand firm. It should be maintained until the Federal Cartel Office to take over the ailing department store chain has released by the Signa group of Austrian property investor Rene Benko, it said in Essen. Moreover, with the change of ownership would also have representatives of the former owner Nicolas Berggruen in the body are replaced by representatives Benkos

Rehabilitation of Karstadt GmbH

Supervisory Board Chairman Stephan Fanderl stressed. “We are the rehabilitation of the Karstadt department store GmbH tackle swiftly and decisively. But we can not pre-empt the decision of the competition authority. “

A few days after the initial Benko at Karstadt it came on Monday also to initial changes in the leadership of the department store chain. Personnel Director Kai-Uwe Weitz, the Karstadt headed to the surprising departure of Eva-Lotta Sjöstedt together with CFO Miguel waste stream, leaving the Group “mutual agreement” as Karstadt announced. Its tasks would provisionally also copied from waste stream.

sale to Benkos Signa Holding

On Friday it was announced that the former owner Nicolas Berggruen, the 83 remaining Karstadt department stores and the rest of participation sold to the premium stores and in the 28 sports stores for one euro in Benko’s Signa Holding. On the same day the acquisition was notified to the Bundeskartellamt also as an authority spokesman confirmed. Officially, the authority a month for a preliminary examination of the project. But the decision could also fall significantly faster when the authority classifies the acquisition as a problem, is thus generally expected.

Benko wants to restructure the ailing department store chain, according to a report the “Handelsblatt” within one to two years. Benko rescue plan look to close persistently lossy Karstadt stores. Attractive locations should be turned into shopping malls with brand dealers. The Group itself should be renovated – with new organizational and information technology, it said in the newspaper

Investment demand was “not higher than the costs that would be caused by closures”

The union. Verdi, however, warned against hasty decisions Benko. “Karstadt currently has other problems as too many homes,” said Verdi’s representative on the Supervisory Board Karstadt, Arno Peukes, the “Berliner Zeitung” (Tuesday). First of all must put a reasonable concept on the table, the new owner. The investment needs at Karstadt was “not higher than the costs that would be caused by closures,” Peukes said.

speculation that Benko on time a merger of Karstadt with the rival Kaufhof to a “German department store AG” striving, pushed the competitors to little interest. “We do not discuss this option,” said spokesman Gerd Koslowski Kaufhof the Tagesspiegel (Tuesday). This is followed had “not changed even after the change of ownership”. For a merger can be seen at the Cologne company that is part of the Metro Group, no need: “We are profitable for ages.”


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