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Refugees: government from 2016 almost 22 billion euros – SPIEGEL ONLINE

reception, Integration, and accommodation: To cope with the refugee crisis, the Federal government has spent in 2016 to nearly 22 billion euros. Much of the money flowed into the economy.

refugees in a Berlin registry office (file photo)


refugees in a Berlin registry office (archive image)

The Federal government has spent in 2016, around 21.7 billion euros to cope with the refugee crisis. This is one of the on Friday released the monthly report of the Federal Ministry of Finance. For this year are planned in the Federal budget, a further 21.3 billion euros for refugees./p>

Despite the special burden of the Federal government in 2016, could, for the third year in a row on new debt (a”black Zero”). The bottom line is even a budget surplus of 6.2 billion euros. This was due to high tax revenues and low interest rates.

Alone to combat the reasons for Flight from the Federal government in the past year to around € 7.1 billion: Among other things, tripled in Germany, with € 1.4 billion of its funds for humanitarian aid in crisis regions.

For the recording, registration and accommodation of asylum-seekers from the Federal government of 1.4 billion euros, and for integration services, a further 2.1 billion euros. Social transfers from the Federal to the asylum procedure, beat with a further 1.7 billion euros. As an immediate relief, the Federal government introduced in addition, the Federal provinces, and municipalities EUR 9.3 billion.

“A huge economic stimulus plan”

In the calculations of the Federal Ministry of Finance are not included the positive economic effects by the influx of spending by the Federal government, such as additional construction investment. The economic chief of the German Institute for economic research (DIW), Ferdinand Fichtner, said: “this could be described as a huge economic stimulus program.” A very large part of the money was further invested in the economy, such as on the issues of refugees for food and other, later-payment of rent or because of the construction-investment: “This would apply to over 90 percent of Federal spending.”

In the year 2015 were around 890,000 thousand asylum-seekers to Germany, to 2016 according to the current state only 280,000 people. “The high entry numbers were limited to the year 2015″, – stated in the monthly report of the Ministry.

With approximately 289 billion euros, the Federal government took in the past year, 2.6 percent more tax than in the previous year. In the case of the German länder, the increase was even 7.7 per cent on 288,6 billion euros. In addition, the Federal government in 2016, had to pay only 17,5 billion euros in interest payments – was 2.8 billion euros less than expected. 2015 for interest rates to over 21 billion euros.

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