Monday, January 30, 2017

Trump’s dispute with the Silicon Valley up only – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

As the world still seemed to be in order: Donald Trump at the conversation with leading representatives of the Silicon Valley in mid-December in New York

After leading American technology entrepreneur decree publicly against the right of entry have turned Donald trump,, that this is probably only the beginning of a much more violent confrontation between the new President and the most important industry of the country. Trumps the Administration has prepared the draft for a presidential decree that would make the existing System of work permits to the head – and thus the practice, according to the technology company hire each year, tens of thousands of employees. The financial service Bloomberg reports and refers to the Text of the draft.

Would this be implemented, would have to change accordingly, companies such as Microsoft, Amazon or Apple are the way they are currently recruiting young talents. Would be affected in addition, Indian companies such as Infosys or Wipro to sell its services in the United States.

“protection of American workers”

“The immigration policy of our country should be designed and implemented that it serves first and foremost the national interest of the United States” – quoted by “Bloomberg” from the draft. “Visa programs for foreign workers, ( … ), should be administered to protect the civil rights of American workers and legal residents. And that you prioritize the protection of American workers – our forgotten people and the jobs they have." On a demand to the draft, the White house wanted to make a comment.

More about

The working-visas were originally introduced to help American companies, foreign experts, if you can’t find suitably qualified employees locally. However, in recent years, the Visa would be abused to target a more favourable foreign experts to recruit instead of Americans. The so-called H-1B visa, for example, especially for the Indian IT-professionals.

criticism of Democrats

The decree-subject design, according to the report, the programs H-1B, L-1, E-2, and B1. The first, called the program mainly uses the technology industry – after that, the number of people allowed to migrate each year to America, to 85,000 limited.

President Trump, but also his chief adviser, Steve Bannon, demanded in the election campaign, regularly, that American companies should create more jobs in the United States. Bannon criticized the Silicon Valley, and that there are many employees from abroad are employed. The view that the Visa programs, something has to change, not only in the White house. The California-native democratic members of Congress Zoe Lofgren introduced a legislative proposal that would tighten the requirements for the H-1B program. “My legislation would select the H-1B program back to its original purpose focus – the best and the brightest talents in the world, and to Supplement the American workforce with high-paying, high-skilled employees,” she told “Bloomberg”.

Ron Hira, a Professor at Washington’s Howard University, commented on the draft: “When companies use the program to get cheap labour, he will meet you, I think, and you will have to pay their employees more. When technology companies use the program to specialized professionals, you will find out, perhaps, that more visas are available."

The temporary entry ban for a period of seven Muslim-majority countries, in turn, had called on the weekend, leading representatives of the Internet industry on the Plan. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg criticized Trump in a post with clear words. The Chairman of the Board of the search engine operator Google, Sundar Pichai, has called in an internal message to employees that are currently working abroad, and immediately to return to America, if you come from one of the affected countries.


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