Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Labour market figures for January, unemployment in Berlin and Brandenburg … – rbb|24

unemployment benefit I (ALG I) is the power to which everyone is entitled, to the Deposit as an employee for at least one year in the unemployment insurance. Parallel to the contributions from the employee, the Agency will receive the insurance contributions of the employer.

the Legal basis for both the posts, as also for the payments for the services of the social code (SGB) III. The payment of ALG I is limited to one year. Mathematical basis for the calculation of the money of the wage or salary of the last year. The so-called power amount, so the height of the ALG I is 60 percent of the average monthly wage in the last employment months.

The recipients of the ALG I is normally considered to be unemployed in the statistics. Many of the ALG I recipients are not listed, if you are sick, or when you make a training.

However, the Federal Agency of statistics, several hundred thousand people as unemployed who get no unemployment benefits I or II, for example, if someone, due to other benefits in money relates, but as a job seeker and unemployed is registered.


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