Sunday, January 29, 2017

The entry ban also applies to pilots and flight attendants – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

In Cairo, has been held on the Saturday of a four-member Iraqi family that wanted to fly with Egypt Air to New York.

The international air transport Association IATA has expressed concern about the impact of Muslims from seven countries applicable to temporary entry stops. The us customs and border protection authority had informed the Association about flight crews from States such as Iran and Iraq would not be in the future left in the United States, was a product of the IATA E-Mail to your members. The IATA had been in the short term informed. Therefore, many questions are still unclear, stated in the E-Mail.

The us President, Donald Trump had decreed on Friday, the entry for citizens of Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Syria for up to 90 days suspend. Also, refugees are not allowed to temporarily enter the country.

What is with the “Green Card”?

According to a spokesperson for the Department of homeland security, the prohibition of even for the holder of a “Green Card”, so a valid permission to live in America and work. The leadership of the Internet giant Google has called on a matter currently abroad-working employees, immediately to return to America.

On Saturday, the office of the President revised in Washington, then, apparently, the Department of homeland security to the effect that holders are allowed to enter a “Green Card”, but an additional security check to; you should go to a diplomatic representation of the United States.

More about

the airlines, in turn, need to as a result of the entry stops, against the several American States, lawsuits may, now your Crews to be part of the change and can no longer carry all the passengers. On the Internet sites of the airlines, Emirates, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways, it was said, for example, travelers need a us residence permit (Green Card) or a diplomatic visa to enter the United States.

consequences of the entry ban in many countries immediately noticeable. According to Reports the “New York Times” and the “Washington Post”, the airport staff set, the first passengers and their entry into the United States prevented. Two Iraqi refugees were detained at John F. Kennedy airport in New York; the lawyers had in turn filed immediately complaint. At the airport in Cairo, a four-member Iraqi family had been prevented from flying to New York; she had bought the flight tickets of the company, Egypt Air.

Dual citizenship?

a Lot of airports-guides in various States are insecure, and for whom the entry ban, and actually, not decisions, which followed the decree, and it is temporarily stopped is all the more true under the two court. At Schiphol airport in Amsterdam have been dismissed, according to a report by the news Agency “Bloomberg”, for example, seven people, even though they had valid Visa.

A security guard at the Check-In counter of American Airlines at London Heathrow airport said, people with Passports from the affected seven States were all rejected. An employee of the line, Delta Airlines said that travelers who are not taken, would have refunded your ticket in full. A representative of the airline to Etihad in Abu Dhabi said in turn, people with dual nationality could not travel if they had the passport of a country that is on the ban list.


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