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E-mobility: Germany is testing the upper line of trucks on the highway – t3n Magazin

 E-Mobilität: Germany has been testing the upper line of trucks on the highway
(photo: Siemens)

a New Chapter on the topic of E-mobility: it Goes by the Federal Ministry for the environment supported the project, soon we will see trucks in the O-Bus-style overhead lines on the highway.

E-mobility: overhead line trucks on German motorways

Who lives in Solingen, Eberswalde or Esslingen am Neckar, knows you yet: O buses. These buses are powered by electric motors that obtain their electricity through the corresponding current collector from a across the street the tensioned catenary. This kind of E-mobility in the future also for trucks on German motorways. By the Federal Ministry for the environment funded project to perform until the end of 2018, appropriate Tests.

E-mobility: Siemens is testing overhead contact line system for the truck. (Image: Siemens)

which car has the upper lines, not tracks specifically for the extensive practice test is installed, is not yet known. The Federal Ministry for the environment intends to publish the information on the two motorway sections in a few days. According to the news Agency dpa, it should be motorways in Schleswig-Holstein and Hesse. The routes were each approximately twelve kilometers long.

E-mobility Plus in the freight transport field

. After the announcement of the routes companies are invited to present their solutions for the appropriate infrastructure to offer It is the aim of the pilot routes will take until the end of 2018. With the Tests for overhead line trucks, the Federal government wants to find ways, such as the predicted increase in freight transport can be environmentally friendly offset. The freight traffic could quadruple according to estimates, by 2050, the railway can, however, take only a part of the growth.

Siemens is currently testing in Sweden to be top of the line system for trucks, “eHighway”. On a two-Kilometer-long section of a highway in the vicinity of Stockholm, a corresponding route is in June 2016. In Germany, the group is testing the technology together with the competitors of Volvo and Scania, as well as the TU Dresden.


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