Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Apple, thanks to iPhones sales grow again – MIRROR ONLINE

Tim Cook has perhaps the most difficult year for Apple: The last three quarters in a row, the group had to inform the chief about falling sales. And in October 2016 completed financial year, was the first since 2001, the Apple finished overall, with a decline in sales.

Despite the gigantic sales and profits to the investors nörgelten about this development. They had to simply accept that Apple is a normal company grows slower.

Many investors threw, therefore, their years of beloved Apple shares from their Depots: Between may 2015, as the paper reached its all-time high, and may 2016, and it lost almost a quarter of its value. On Wall Street, it belonged to the good tone, prophesy the most valuable company in the world./p>

But now the group has to Pay in Cupertino for the first quarter of the new fiscal year submitted to make hope again. In the quarter to the end of December, Apple had sales of 78.4 billion dollars, surpassing analysts ‘ expectations. In total, the group sold 78 million iPhones, nearly five percent more than the previous year. Or in other words: Apple is currently selling around 590 iPhones per Minute and has difficulties to respond to the large demand.

Because of the strong Numbers put Apple’s stock in after-hours trade prompt by almost three percent.

Has made the iPhone Company so the Turnaround? “Apple is at least back on track and growing again,” says Daniel Kröger, Fund Manager at Frankfurt-Fund company, Acatis.

in fact, the Numbers show that Apple is in his main business is still really strong, the group remains the largest profit machine that the world has ever seen. Because in spite of a low market share (around 13% worldwide) earned the US-based group so good like no other in the Smartphone business. According to a study by Strategy Analytics, Apple line is that 91 percent of all profits of the entire Smartphone market. The rivals Samsung, Huawei & Co are allowed to argue to the small Rest.

Long ago, investors know that this strength also reveals Apple’s biggest weakness. The company was too dependent on the iPhone, it means for years. Finally, the group saved almost 70 percent of its sales, with its Smartphone. However, less and less people to replace their old Smartphones immediately, if there is new on the market. “Smartphones are now developed technologically so far, that the everyday needs of every user meet. The customers can buy, therefore, usually only a new Smartphone, as soon as the old one is broken,” said Barclay’s Analyst Mark Moskowitz, the Tech-Portal “CNET”.

investors expect, therefore, that Apple in September when the iPhone celebrates its tenth birthday brings a new iPhone to the market, this stands for revolutionary innovations. Apple connoisseurs expect, for example, a device that can be wirelessly charged, and a 3D-sensor technology has been integrated.

Apple-analysts, several U.S. banks predict, therefore, that the iPhone will increase sales in the year 2018 to 20 percent. “The iPhone 8 could trigger a new Super-cycle, and Apple in order to the explosive growth of the past years back,” writes an Analyst of the US Bank Morgan Stanley in a study.

Waiting for “The Next Big Thing”

But if you look at the quarterly figures of Apple’s closer, it is clear that CEO Tim Cook is leaving on the sales of the iPhones. Apple has, for example, with its Service-business (App Store, Apple Music, iCloud) in the meantime, impressive sales in the amount of approximately $ 25 billion per year. In comparison to the iPhone-Redeem this may seem negligible, but that is as much as Facebook will implement in a whole year.

But that’s not enough for investors, they are waiting eagerly for “The Next Big Thing”, i.e. the market introduction of a new, revolutionary product:

  • IT experts predict that Apple wants to be together with Carl Zeiss Smart Optics bring still in this year, the data glasses on the market. A pair of glasses that will not only help you See, but additional digital information Virtual Reality “as a major growth provides” hope.
  • Others are convinced that the Apple force is working on the development of a car and the entire auto industry to falter, and a billion-dollar market to conquer. To use a car with energy – efficient batteries and more intuitive Software is as easy and comprehensive as the iPhone.

“Actually, Apple is still a lot of fantasy. This is what makes the business so exciting and attractive for long-term investors,” says Fund Manager Kroger. In addition, the company could draw on huge cash reserves and, thus, the development of new products Finance.

In fact, Tim cook’s money storages are filled well: Apple has Cash reserves in the amount of more than 200 billion dollars. Thus, the company can invest like no other in the world in a variety of new technologies. The chances are good that Apple will be overrun in the next few years, other industries.


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