Wednesday, January 25, 2017

ADAC has been testing long-distance bus stations: the Long list of defects – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Also available in Bremen, there is no Canopy.

Germany’s long-distance bus stations are a long list of deficiencies from the perspective of the ADAC. At many stations, electronic display was missing panels and roofs above the platforms, said in a Wednesday report published by the auto club. The sidewalk is often too narrow for wheelchair users, also there is a lack in the railway stations, at Service facilities and automatic doors.

Only a few long-distance bus stations are customer-friendly, the ADAC. “The long-distance bus market has developed in recent years faster than the associated infrastructure,” said consumer protection Director Alexander Möller. “The offers of the cities are not currently the mobility needs and desires of the passengers.” It should therefore urgently be improved.

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The auto club had ten long-distance bus stations tested, six of which had only received the grade “adequate” or worse. The long-distance bus stations in Göttingen and Bremen were even rated “very poor”, Dortmund, with “poor”. Mannheim, Berlin-Südkreuz and Rostock were given the grade of “sufficient”. “Well”, however, performed in Munich, Hannover, Hamburg Bus Port, as well as the test winner in Stuttgart. “Very well,” was none.

the result of The test is illustrated by a Dilemma: mainly new buildings at the gates of cities performed well, for example in Stuttgart, where the long distance buses stop directly at the airport. With the S-Bahn passengers to travel from city centre less than half an hour to the long-distance bus station. Exactly this is but, according to ADAC, and providers such as Flixbus a disadvantage. The location was far away/from the main objectives of the long-distance bus, ADAC.

In Stuttgart, had gone to the new long-distance bus Station only last year. The ADAC inspectors evaluated positively, that the Terminal is completely covered, travel information displayed in several languages, and announcements are made. Also a Central Ticket and information Desk, as well as showers and Baby change facilities are also available.

A long list of defects there were, however, for the göttingen bus station. Although it is located directly at the main train station. But the electronic Displays with the current information were missing, the signage is bad, there is no Central ticket counter, no Zebra strips and no roof. “The people standing in the rain,” said an ADAC spokesman. Similar to many of the minus points of the Bremen got the long distance bus station.


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