Sunday, January 29, 2017

Minimum wage: Many minijob Bern is deprived of the minimum wage – MIRROR ONLINE

Nearly half of the mini-jobbers in Germany should not have received in 2015, the prescribed minimum wage. The findings of a new study. Possibly millions of people are affected.

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minijob Bern in Germany, the statutory minimum wage is withheld. This is clear from a study of the economic and Social research Institute (WSI) of the Union – affiliated Hans-Böckler-Foundation, reported the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. Accordingly, in 2015, were less than half of these marginally employed workers, less than 8.50 euros gross an hour, the employer at the time, at least had to pay. One in five didn’t receive 5.50 euros.

“don’t let The Numbers no doubt that companies with a substantial part of the mini-jobbers as required by law have increased wages,” the study authors Toralf Pusch and Hartmut Seifert, according to “SZ”. The minimum wage law is not applied in the case of mini-jobs is apparently “far from comprehensive”. In some cases even extremely low hourly wages would be paid. So about every fifth mini-jobbers to get less than 5.50 euros gross per hour.

For their study, the researchers evaluated the socio-economic Panel and the Panel labour market and Social security. For the first data set of 27,000 people will be surveyed annually to your life and work situation, for the second of 13,000.

How many mini-jobbers do not receive the legally prescribed minimum wage, according to the study, is unclear. Currently, there are in Germany, according to data from the Federal labour Agency, almost 7.4 million Workers in marginal employment for almost 4.8 million of them it is their main activity and not a part-time job.

The minimum wage since January 2015 since 1. January of this year, he


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