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Delay – Therefore, the BER-opening doesn’t work again – Frankfurter Rundschau

22. January 2017

The empty airport consumes costs each month, 17 million euros in the operation. Photo: Britta Pedersen/dpa/EG

The new capital airport in Berlin 2017 will not be opened. This time it is the control of the doors – who is responsible?

Talking can help – maybe. After he has officially confirmed that the BER must opening be postponed again, Michael Müller speak with construction companies. “The mayor invites you in agreement with the Federal government and Brandenburg at the beginning of February to a Baurunde,” said Miller airport coordinator, state Secretary Engelbert Lütke Daldrup (SPD), on Sunday. Such a tip there had been a meeting already in 2016. This Monday the special Committee, BER of the Brandenburg advises tags on the recent Disaster.

As in 2012, the controls for the approximately 1400 doors in the new schönfelder passenger terminal. They do not work in many cases – this diagnosis is a Consensus. The explanations vary but.

Airport CEO Karsten mill field, announced last Tuesday that it is going to be door controls, for the case of a fire is important. You would have to ensure, that doors open, reliable, or close, in order for the smoke to leave. In this context, the Bosch company was called. She had been invited in the spring of 2016, to solve the problem faster than before, it said in Senate circles. However, Bosch is progressing very slowly.

The Stuttgart-based technology company, denied it strongly. Again and again the requirements of the airport company FBB would be changed, which would require additional coordination with other companies and the completion of delay, said a spokesman for the Frankfurter Rundschau. “In December alone, 40 amendments have been transmitted to us wishes. And to date, no final version planning to us by the builders." The staff at BER had been increased also.

CDU suspects setup

In the Supervisory Board in this statement is circles but from any believed. “The portrayal of Bosch is not plausible, you have much too little staff on site, however, it has become in the last two weeks, a little better,” confirmed a member. Reportedly, there have been demands to impose significant sanctions against Bosch. The airport company announced that, as a first step, that it was examining claims for damages.

but there are also votes against – from interested Parties, the holding of Bosch’s explanation to be reasonable and the FBB-explanations for a diversion. It was shown before, that the airport company has had problems with the planning, it said. It would not make sense to punish companies for it. There has also been criticism that the management have made the most recent Problem is late known – about a week ago.

From the point of view of Berlin the young liberals no longer deserved it for the airport to bear the name of former Chancellor Willy Brandt. The Airport had become “a definitive Symbol of Chaos and of non-Planning,” said the state Chairman of the FDP youth organization Roman-Francesco Rogat. In the face of government failure, Brandt would turn in his grave. “The Senate should quickly draw a renaming of the airport in consideration.”

The Berlin CDU in the renewed postponement of the opening date of a stitch-up between Michael Müller and Karsten mill field. Between the two there had been in the run-up to the Berlin elections last September, a consultation, said the CDU parliamentary leader in the house of representatives, Florian Graf, on Sunday. Müller had known “much longer” from mill field, that the Airport could not open in 2017.

Graf called it “an absolute disgrace” that the opening date is not in the Senate or Parliament has been officially reported, but in the case of the closed meeting of the SPD parliamentary group in Erfurt. (with dpa)

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