Saturday, January 21, 2017

Opening in 2017 cancelled: fiasco with three letters: BER NEWS

Saturday, 21. January 2017

Long feared, now finally set in stone: Berlin in the year 2017, a new airport. Re-opening fails due to the complex smoke extraction. Mayor Muller makes pressure, but even in the criticism.

a New Disaster for the Berlin capital airport BER: 25 years after the beginning of the planning is postponed the opening Once again. Due to new technical problems with the doors in the terminal building in 2017 stands no flyer – Berlin’s governing mayor Michael Müller is now estimated that at least 6.5 billion euros, expensive breakdowns, airport 2018 comes into operation.

Originally, this was supposed to happen already in 2011. In the meantime, the date has been postponed about half a dozen Times. The recent postponement of the Chairman of the Berlin Brandenburg airport GmbH, Karsten mill field, announced on Saturday. “According to the new findings, which I have been informed in the past week, representatives of the shareholders, is the associated risk for the opening of BER this year.”

Now there’s Trouble with the doors

Previously, the governing mayor of Berlin Michael Müller, for about one and a half years, head of the BER Supervisory Board had declared at a conference of the Berlin SPD parliamentary group in Berlin: “At this point, we are at a point where we must say, 2017 may no longer work with the opening.” According to information of the dpa have to be wired in a BER of around 1200 doors. Tour of BER-site

Because if you do not close in the event of a fire properly, is not a sufficient smoke extraction. In addition, there may be modification required to the sprinkler system. The delay had been coming for longer. Officially, the airport held recently at the schedule for the opening in 2017. The empty Airport consumes each month, 17 million euros operating costs, in addition, rental income of 13 to 14 million.

According to the words of Mühlenfelds to meeting the consequences of the displacement at the next Supervisory Board meeting on March 7. February advice. Müller sees the management of the company have a duty to talk plain text. In addition, a round table with companies involved in scheduled to take place in the Red city hall, with the cooperation of “back” didn’t work. “We will have in the next two weeks, for greater security, where we stand.”

“egg dance” to the appointment

Mueller called on the BER-Board, to say in the first quarter, what is the actual date for the opening you are aiming for, you now. “We broke up for an appointment.” This is for planning security is important, such as the airlines. The Supervisory Board would no longer hold out.

Müller, in the light of Progress in the past few years, the opening of the third largest German airport moves beyond the year 2018. “After all, what is now, we are actually in the final round of the completion.” BER partners are the Federal government and the Länder of Berlin and Brandenburg.

More about

The opposition parties in both provinces have criticized mill field and Müller in focus. “The Rumgeeiere in terms of BER in the last weeks and months proves once again that Michael Müller is also overwhelmed in his role as Chairman of the Supervisory Board”, said the Berlin CDU parliamentary leader Florian Graf.

FDP-Faction leader Sebastian Czaja said, Miller has a duty to ensure transparency and clarity with regard to the construction problems at the Airport. Even before the Berlin election on may 18. September was not clear that the BER of 2017 is in operation, said Brandenburg’s Green party parliamentary leader Axel Vogel. Because mill field want to damage the Governing mayor of Müller before the election, didn’t, whether it came to the “egg dance” to the opening date.




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