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Brexit – British economy defies the Brexit-Ensure – Sü


  • The British economy is growing, despite Worries about the impact of Brexit. Finally, the growth increased by 0.6 per cent. Repeated as many Economists
  • This is likely to be due to the fact that the vote has been little concrete consequences for the company.

It is a done deal: The British want to leave the European Union. In the economy, the fear is that this has a bad effect for the economy to grow. But so far, the British economy defies the Brexit. She continues to grow In the fourth quarter of 2016, the economic growth increased, according to figures from the national Bureau of statistics ONS by 0.6 percent. In the entire year 2016, the British economic output, increased by about 2.0 percent, more than in Germany, for example.

while That is still the lowest value since 2013, but Economists said the weaker Figures ahead. Therefore, experts are now slightly more optimistic on the current year, in which the British want their withdrawal request officially to the EU to submit. Among other things, the Bank of England assumes that the short-term consequences of Brexit-a decision will turn out to be less bad than feared, even if the growth could shrink this year by 1.2 percent.

Theresa May is planning tough Brexit

the British economy is growing at the moment, is that there are hardly any concrete steps in terms of Brexit. While many of the companies with announcements, in the case of the EU-leaving the UK to withdraw reacted to the vote in June 2016. But so far, felt little of it. Many companies are likely to wait and see how exactly the Brexit is completed, before you make profound decisions.

the Prime Minister Theresa May had the least fleshed out, at least, as the Brexit. Your goal is to have the outlet to 2019 completed. Again, you spoke of a hard cut, “hard Brexit”. According to current plans the UK will leave the EU internal market and the customs Union, and instead, a new negotiate free trade agreements with the EU.

The EU needs the price for the Brexit high

the Prime Minister May schedule want full sovereignty for the UK. But then you have to forego the benefits of the EU. The Union lives by the common rules. You may not give it to price. comment by Stefan Cornelius more…


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