Monday, January 23, 2017

Yahoo surprised analysts, sales at Verizon will be delayed – MIRROR ONLINE

You still working at the conclusion of the billion dollar Deals: The sale of Yahoo’s core business will not be carried out as planned in this quarter. After all, there was also good news from the Internet pioneer.

Yahoo Headquarters in Sunnyvale, California


Yahoo’s Headquarters in Sunnyvale, California

The Internet group, Yahoo has surpassed the expectations of analysts in the last quarter. The company increased the revenue by 15 percent to 1.47 billion dollars. In the reporting period, Yahoo generated Chart show a Surplus of $ 162 million, after a loss of 4.43 billion dollars a year earlier. However, the Minus in the previous year, had gone mainly to a write-down of shares in the company. In after-hours trading, Yahoo shares rose by 1.2 per cent.

However, the Internet informed the pioneer that the Acquisition of the core business by Verizon’s delay. You am still working on the completion in July 2016 agreed on a 4.8-billion-Dollar Deals. The sale will move from the first to the second quarter of 2017. By the known of a huge hacker attack, in the year of 2014, data from at least a half-billion users were captured, were the terms of the Acquisition to the test. It is regarded as unlikely that Verizon waived the Acquisition, it is established that the U.S. company wants to push the price.

Yahoo was the last ever deeper into crisis and could no longer keep up with the fast-growing Online giants Google and Facebook. The real profit earner was usually the 15 percent heavy stake in the Chinese Online retailer Alibaba. Yahoo wants to rename after the sale of the Webgeschäfts to Verizon, the rest of the company in “Altaba”.

Because of the hacker attacks is also, apparently, an investigation by the U.S. securities and exchange Commission SEC. It should be determined whether the company had informed the Public about the incidents, reported the “Wall Street Journal”.


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