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the number of unemployed in January increased

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Modest January rise in unemployment – expected to Trump effect

Dit’s German labour market is a good start to the new year. In January, the number of unemployed increased in comparison to the December season due to 209.000 to 2,777 million, the Nuremberg-based Federal employment Agency (BA) announced on Tuesday. The increase was, however, lower than usual. BA chief Frank-Jürgen Weise, expected, meanwhile, through the policy of the new US President, Donald Trump also has an impact on the German labour market.

way said the issue of the US was “a bit unpredictable”, with a view to possible consequences for the German labour market. It will but “definitely this year” effects. What is the impact exactly, not going to show up but before the middle of the year, if the economy is to recognize the political expression of Trumps policy.

With the January increase had to do Trump. In January, the unemployment increases due to many end-of-year expiring contracts and the consequences of the winter weather for outdoor occupations regularly felt.

The increase in the number of unemployed in January 2017, however, was to 47.000 under the average of the past three years. Compared to the same month last year the number of unemployed was also to 143.000 lower. Also, the seasonally adjusted number, for the special effects, such as the weather and time of year, be subtracted from, decreased by 26,000 in comparison to December.

“In the labour market, it will start up in 2017,” said way. The unemployment rate was according to the BA, at 6.3 percent, 0.5 percentage points higher than in December. Increasingly, the unemployed, refugees appear in the statistics. In January, there were 189.000 unemployed asylum-seekers from non-European countries of origin, which means compared with January 2016 to a Plus of 87,000 or good for 86 percent. The unemployment get the information, but still not as strong as originally forecast.

BA Board member Raimund Becker said, one of the objectives is to qualify the unemployed refugees in “one, two, three years” skilled workers for occupations for which the domestic unemployed no candidates found. In January, with almost 650,000 Vacancies were registered at the employment agencies, the 66,000 more than a year ago.

Federal labour Minister Andrea Nahles (SPD) said, the labour market was followed by the good economic forecasts. “Still never the less people were in the re-United Germany, in a January without a job.” There is every reason to expect that the increase in Employment also in this year.

The Left-labour market expert, Sabine Zimmermann, pointed to the almost one Million long-term unemployed. Especially Unskilled workers were affected. This makes clear how necessary a Creel of resources for qualification and training.

The Green-labour market expert Brigitte Pothmer called for long-term support measures, such as a so-called Social labour market and more investment for the qualification – whether for refugees or born in Germany the unemployed. Pothmer, the claim of BA-the chief way, the work bans to the long-term repeal Tolerated supported. It was the worst of it, “young people get money and nothing to work with,” said the online portal n-tv.de. “I know for sure, this ruins the character.”


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