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Prosecutor’s office determined against winter grain – Südwest Presse

In the VW exhaust scandal device, the former chief Executive, Martin Winterkorn increasingly into the sights of the judiciary. The Prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig is investigating him now because of the initial suspicion of fraud, as the authority announced.

It would have been “sufficient factual indications” that winter, grain could be earlier than of him in public have knowledge of the claims of the “manipulative and Software, and their effect had”. The Manager was in September 2015, shortly after the announcement of the scandal of the VW-top-of-the resigned. He was, however, none of the misconduct deliberately, he had said at the time.

winter grain remains, according to the communication from his lawyers in the representation, to have by September 2015 of illegal exhaust manipulations, knew nothing. The 69-Year-old will speak to the investigative authorities, as soon as he knew him “allegedly incriminating circumstances” in more detail. VW stressed, not wanting to comment on the details of the ongoing proceedings. The group is cooperating fully with the authorities.

In the Wake of the expansion of the investigation, there were also raids. This week, a total of 28 objects were, with a focus in the area of Wolfsburg, Gifhorn and Braunschweig searches, it said. The actions were, according to dpa-information including software specialists, the VW-participation IAV.

Also Winterkorn’s outstanding house in Munich and its office were, according to dpa-information on Thursday searched. Previously, the “image”newspaper had reported about it.

evidence for the new suspected investigations by the public Prosecutor be, in particular, evidence from interrogations of witnesses and accused, as well as from the analysis of seized files, it was called by the investigators.

so Far, had determined the public Prosecutor’s office against the winter grain only because of the suspicion of market manipulation, because VW could have informed the financial markets may be too late on the multi-billion dollar risks of the scandal. In this context, the authorities to determine, against the former chief financial officer and current Supervisory Board chief Hans Dieter Pötsch, as well as according to dpa-information against the VW brand boss, Herbert Diess.

The new charges are water on the mills of critics of the Ex-group heads and play sometimes also plaintiffs in the cards. VW-investors demand compensation in the billions, because, among other things, the stock had lost in the Wake of the scandal in September 2015.

According to the Prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig, the time is not available for the new investigation directly in connection with charges brought in the United States. Among other things, the testimony would have corroborated the suspicions in the German investigation. “You can assume that the sources of knowledge bubbling on both sides of the Atlantic,” said a senior Prosecutor Klaus Pull. When the investigation will be completed, he could not say. The determination method will now be even more extensive.

The public Prosecutor extended the investigations against the responsible employees of Volkswagen because of the Manipulation of emission values for Diesel vehicles. The number of the accused for this offence increased from 21 to 37 persons. In addition, it is determined, in accordance with previous data against six persons due to incorrect CO2-fuel consumption figures as well as against a due to data destruction.

a week Ago, the winter grain had been denied, once again, to the known, the Diesel will have known scandal of illegal exhaust-rigging in the auto maker. “It is not to understand why I am not early and clear information about the measurement problems have been solved,” he said in front of the exhaust gas investigation Committee of the Bundestag in Berlin. The affair to manipulated emission tests for diesel vehicles had plunged VW in the most serious crisis in its history.

the Chairman of The exhaust-Committee of inquiry, Herbert Behrens (Left), said: “”Should be used to corroborate the evidence of the prosecution against Mr Winterkorn, has he lied in the investigation Committee.” Behrens called on winter grain, “to make clean”.

Green party Vice Oliver Krischer said the dpa, the new revelations suggest that the scams were, contrary to the previous Statements Winterkorn’s outstanding but already rather known. “That it should have acted in the exhaust gas of fraud only to the misconduct of a few engineers that turns out to be more and more as a legend. Cheat and Cheat on exhaust gas measurements seems to be more group policy than individual misconduct."

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