Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Stock markets: Dow Jones skips for the first time the mark of 20 000 points – TIME ONLINE

New York (Reuters) – The main US stock market index Dow Jones Industrial has climbed on Wednesday for the first time in its history, the mark of 20 000 points.

right after the opening, the benchmark index had left the round brand. Most recently, he won 0.65 percent to 20 042,43 points. Tailwind provided the travel of the receiving report season as well as the hope that under the new US President, Donald Trump upturn in the US economy.

records, there was also the broader S&P 500 and the Nasdaq indices. The S&P last won 0.60 percent to 2293,81 points. For the Nasdaq 100, it went up 0.69 percent to 5136,37 points.

“U.S. stocks are on the verge of breakthrough,” said market expert Neil Wilson from ETX Capital. Doubts about the political clout of Donald Trump had subsided, because there were clear signs that the new US President is really ready to Act. In accordance with the Tilting of the TRANS-Pacific free trade agreement, TPP, and the reactivation of the controversial Oil-Pipeline-projects he wants to get serious with the construction of the Berlin wall on the Mexican border.

Reaching the mark of 20 000 meters, was psychologically of great importance, and show that the “great Rotation” from bonds into equities over now, in fact, so expert Wilson. The fear of protectionism under the Trump move to the second position. Prior to that, the optimism of the stand with a view on Inflation and growth.

market observers, the achievement of record threshold had been expecting. The Dow had never been more than 20 000 meters, but again and again to this brand scratched. After the past weeks is still great uncertainty about the economic policy direction of the Trumps had been, was boosted by the recent decisions of the Republican, the values of many shares.

in Addition, the market received increasingly more support through the reporting season, which has included in the past few days. The rate tendencies according to the overnight progress reports fell mid-week, mostly positive. With the aerospace group Boeing is a real supported heavy weight in the benchmark index. The papers climb to the opening by about 1.5 percent after the plane had surprised farmer in 2016, the profit is positive.

The investors on the New York stock market had already given up on Tuesday its reticence and take the courses again driven.


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