Monday, January 23, 2017

Trump: “America first”: the Nikkei goes on the Defensive – NEWS

Monday, 23. January 2017

The new US President is in office, in Asia, the courses to give The inaugural speech at the Tokyo stock exchange, perplexed to anxious reactions. The first trading week of the Era Trump begins with anxious movements.


After the inauguration of the new US President, Donald Trump, the uncertainty in the financial markets. Fear of a protectionist trade policy of the United States, investors sold earlier this week from the Dollar.

The gains of the Yen, export values loaded in Japan and expressed the Tokyo benchmark index, the Nikkei in early trading 1.1 percent to Minus on 18.935 points. The MSCI Index for a share of the Region Asia-tended to the Pacific, without Japan, 0.2 percent higher.

Trump had confirmed in his inaugural speech, his tough foreign and economic policy and the formula “America first” is the guideline of his term in office, explains. “Because Trump market strategist Hiroyuki Nakai from Tokai Tokyo Research Center, said his ‘America first’ is so often repeated, remain investors in Japan on the Defensive”,. Mr Masahiro Ichikawa by the asset Manager, Sumitomo Mitsui Asset Management, added: “His speech protectionist sound.”

In Tokyo, there were no shares of export-dependent companies under pressure, where a stronger Yen makes to create particularly strong. the Toyota engine fell 1.3 percent, the Hitachi 1.2 percent. Among the price winners Toshiba, or 7.8 percent, to the top scho. The ailing industrial group prepares according to insiders, a partial sale of its key Chip business, which would bring the financial relief.

In the Asian currency markets, Euro draws on 1,0748 dollars. The Yen, the US currency loses 113,52 Yen. The Swiss franc to the Euro, with 1,0730 and the Dollar with 0,9983. In the trade to happen before the weekend, the Euro had moved according to the direction of movement and the bottom line is hardly the point. Late Friday afternoon, the community currency cost 1,0670 US dollars and about as much as in the Morning.

The European Central Bank (ECB) had set the reference rate on 1,0632 (Thursday: 1,0668) dollars. The Dollar cost thus 0,9406 (0.9374 has) euros. Before the weekend, the trade was in the foreign exchange market in the absence of crucial economic data, directionless.

The Euro rose in the morning first, then clearly and was able to stabilize recently. Comments from Janet Yellen, Chairman of the US Central Bank, weighed on the Dollar only temporarily. This was shown in the night of Friday, slightly more cautious view on future interest rate hikes. The Dollar, therefore, in the short term under pressure.

event of the day was the swearing in of the new US President, Trump. Analysts and investors have been anxious to comment when Trump specifically, his economic and fiscal plans.

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Shortly after his election in November, his election had the promise for a strong boost to the financial markets. Investors associate with the expected tax cuts, spending increases and Deregulation with a higher economic growth. Economists warn, however, prior to welfare losses, if Trump limited for free trade.

To other major currencies, the ECB reference rates for the Euro on 0,86595 (0,86555) British pound, 122,47 (122,23) Japanese Yen and 1,0727 (1,0729) Swiss francs. An ounce of Gold was fixed in London in the afternoon with 1200,55 (1196,05) dollars. A kilogram of Gold was unchanged at 36 410,00 Euro.




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