Sunday, January 22, 2017

Re-BER-shift: “We plan but no moon landing” – daily mirror

After the official cancellation of the BER Starts this year, the leaders want to take the new Berlin airport is now in 2018. The confirmed Airport CEO Karsten mill field on Sunday. He dismissed fears that because of the construction problems in the Terminal, perhaps even until 2019 or 2020 opened. “There is no basis to discuss about 2019 or 2020. There are no indications," said mill field to the daily mirror.

At the same time, the Act of Berlin’s Governing mayor Michael Müller (SPD), the Supervisory Board irritated the chief of the airport company of the Länder of Berlin, Brandenburg and the Federal government, the co-shareholders. That Müller had cancelled the day before, on an exam of the Berlin SPD parliamentary group in Erfurt, the date of 2017, surprised the BER co-owner and mill field. Brandenburg’s Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (SPD) criticized the own. “I would have liked, that is agreed with shareholders before,” he told the daily mirror. Today, Monday, there should be a longer scheduled meeting of the airport company, on the Brandenburg, the Berlin-based approach to language. Normally on the agenda, the appointment of the Supervisory Board there actually. On Sunday it was still unclear whom Berlin sends in the control panel. The next meeting of the Supervisory Board is for the 7. February set.

Agreed, Brandenburg and Berlin, are but to increase the pressure on mill field, in order to create clarity about the BER-Start. “We need to be in this year, with the construction finished, with the technical completion of the airport in 2018 to open,” said Woidke. “We plan no moon landing.” The management Board must submit to the Supervisory Board and the shareholders a “coherent overall concept” and also put pressure on the company.

The cancellation in 2017, was justified on the grounds of non-functioning automatic doors

The governments of Berlin and Brandenburg, due to the fifth postponement of the BER opening, under pressure from the Opposition. So Woidke was quoted on Monday to a meeting of the BER of the special Committee of the Parliament. It has justified the cancellation in 2017, with non-functioning automatic doors, and partial to small-sized sprinkler system. The Muller-led Supervisory Board have not surprised by these problems. They were already the topic of the meeting of the 2. By December 2016. “The doors represent in terms of the TIBN (Technical operation), currently the most critical trade, since the works were not completed in time,” it said in the documents of the Supervisory Committee. The Bosch company provided capacity would not be sufficient “for compensation”. Only if Bosch will send more staff could be kept on the schedule.

“The risk was known,” said mill field on Sunday. Over Christmas and early January it had materialized. The company didn’t send committed staff. To the extent of the delays, he kept covered and referred to the upcoming Board meeting.

However, according to daily mirror research can be the construction work in the Terminal at the earliest in some months and not before the summer of 2017 completed. Only after the construction completion of terminal mill field want to call it, according to previous statements, a related opening date.


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