Monday, January 30, 2017

Payment under minimum wage: million mini-jobbers to earn a little – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

For plaster work, the minimum wage must be paid.

Many mini-jobbers do not receive the legal minimum wage, although he is entitled to them, according to a new study by the economic and Social research Institute (WSI) of the Union – affiliated Hans-Böckler-Foundation, from the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” quoted.

Accordingly, in 2015, got almost half of these marginally employed workers, less than 8.50 euros gross an hour, the employer at the time, at least had to pay. The minimum wage was introduced in the beginning of 2015, in Germany; in the meantime, he is 8,84 Euro.

criticism of Operated

“The Numbers leave no doubt that the companies in a substantial part of the mini-jobbers as required by law have increased wages,” the study authors Toralf Pusch and Hartmut Seifert the sheet. The minimum wage law is not applied in the case of mini-jobs is apparently “far from comprehensive”.

in Part, and would have paid extremely low hourly wages. So about every fifth mini-jobbers to get less than 5.50 euros gross per hour.

For their study, the researchers evaluated the socio-economic Panel and the Panel labour market and Social security. For the first data set of 27,000 people will be surveyed annually to your life and work situation, for the second of 13,000.

More than seven million mini-jobbers

With a slight employment, commonly called a mini-job can earn workers up to 450 euros per month free of social security contributions. This may be the only employment or a Supplement to a contributory employment relationship.

According to statistics of the Federal employment Agency in Germany currently, about 7.4 million people a slight working relationship.


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