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Why electric Trucks are with top line not a crazy idea –

Vision to the test: In the state of Hesse will be tested in 2018 E-Truck with an overhead line. © Siemens

Sounds kind of weird: A Hessian highway test track for E-Trucks with the upper management. But the thing is not a bit far-fetched. The turn signals of the vehicles for even wear.

“What a nonsense!”, “Is it already April?”, “What if the times have to Dodge?" – that soon electric Truck with Docking to a top of the line for testing purposes on a route in the state of Hesse to, not everyone knows right off the bat, and actually raises questions. How much Belief has to be the developer, is demonstrated by the numerous sceptical and infidel reactions of to this message.

Whether the unusual project really is, is to help a for 2018 in the state of Hesse provided Test answer. But a lot can already say today.

The spiders, the engineers?

only the experts of Siemens, one of the leading developers, and Truck manufacturers consider themselves to be realists. In California (with Volvo) and to the North of Stockholm (with Scania) to run samples on an old airfield in Brandenburg now Tests on two miles of public trails in the state order. Also China is interested in such concepts. Trolleybuses will work out eventually. And when the railroad was electric, shaking in the beginning too many to the head. Batteries are at last no Alternative to the car in any case: For the capacity is not nearly enough.

Whom does it help?

If it works clearly, the involved company. The problems to be solved not only affect you: the enormously increasing Truck traffic and the associated fumes and noise. Therefore Sweden wants to consume in 2030, in the transport sector for fossil fuels and promotes the E-Truck testing. A forecast of the Federal government of 40 per cent, more freight traffic by the year 2030. The web is overcome according to this study, only a fifth of the increase.

And if the power goes out?

Then, the Hybrid Truck, drive to your second drive, with Diesel, for example. More important is the question of whether the green power is enough. There would have to do a lot of things. After all, If the Trucks are attached to the cable and brakes, give the obtained energy back into the grid.

don’t Be overwhelmed, the driver hopelessly?

your need to hold with difficulty the course of the upper line: is not Additionally stressed transport. The pantograph on the roof of the Truck is movable to compensate for the deviations caused by the Steering of the driver in the lane automatically. Electrified pace of 90 is the maximum possible: More does not allow for engine-automatic.

proven principle: buses with overhead contact line current, it is for a long time, in Pilsen, for example./span> © picture-alliance/dpa (archive)

What if the driver wants to overtake, or Dodge?

Everything, as always: look in the rear-view mirror, blink and over. Sensors remember that if the E-is to leave a trace and from the dock to the current collector. This works automatically, in the event of sudden evasive maneuvers, or when the turn indicator is set to Overtake. The so-called On – and off-pressing, the operator can via the touch of a button.

Is the top construction and not too expensive?

The cost is actually a high hurdle. According to estimates, the Expansion per kilometre could cost up to 2.5 million euros. Proponents make against the bill: up To 100,000 km traveled distance saves a 40-ton Siemens, around 20,000 euros in fuel costs. Six million fewer tons of CO2 were produced, if 30 percent of the Truck traffic emission-free powered by Eco-electricity from the overhead line.

Who should pay?

the Expansion of the infrastructure to reduce exhaust emissions and noise, you may probably belong to the governmental tasks. The environment Council of the government held many years ago, but also investment in the electricity network operator is possible, which could let the power of the carriers to pay. At the time of the company supported Federal Association for freight transport was: That could count.

Threaten sites with huge traffic jams during the electrification?

Whether would, switchgear, transformers or poles: the majority of The Work playing next to the road. Jam-prone, endless construction sites like road surface changes are to be expected, therefore, more likely to. Especially for the Pull of the cables, closures would be needed. This, however, would come at night.

Where in the state of Hesse is tested?

The tell the Federal transport Ministry in February. A quiet spot is not meant to be, the highway section should be normal driving, the Test under realistic conditions: in the Forwarding of the day with genuine goods and fixed delivery dates.

when is the idea of everyday life?

it is Perhaps never – for example, because politically not wanted. With regard to the technical suitability for everyday use, the experts from Siemens and the for the Test in the state of Hesse is responsible for the location of the project carrier VDI/VDE Innovation+Technik agreed that In 10 to 15 years, the first range in the normal operation could proceed.

the electrification of the motorways it is not already. Thought is only pay once to routes with high transportation and, above all, with a high proportion of regular Truck-commuting. Routes between large companies, logistics centers and airports and ports, particularly in question – clarity there is in the near future.


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