Monday, January 30, 2017

Differences of opinion with the Supervisory Board | the pit occurs as a rail-head – IMAGE

Bahn boss Rüdiger Grube resigns!

reason for this, according to “mirror” and dpa disagreements with the Supervisory Board.

mine have accused the control Board, of not adhering to agreements. Him a contract extension had been for three years, until the end of 2020, assured that he had waived in return for a salary increase, it was said from the environment of the Supervisory Board.

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In the sitting of the checkers on Monday you have to give him but only two more years as Chairman of the Board.

pit level since may 2009 at the top of the company and received a Fixed salary of 900 000 euros in the year. Including bonuses he earned in the fiscal year 2015 to 1.4 million Euro. However, the company in 2015, slipped for the first time in twelve years in the red.

According to the “mirror” should achieve pit for a contract extension for better results for the company and a higher punctuality. In addition, he should take care of the Wi-Fi in the ICEs. These conditions would have put the Federal government in the past year.

The withdrawal is for the train surprisingly. Since there if no successor, such as “mirror” reported, was horrified by the Supervisory Board.

for Ronald Pofalla, is regarded as favorite for the pit-succession, come the resignation early. 1. January the former Chancellery chief had taken on the management Board for infrastructure at Deutsche Bahn.


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