Thursday, January 26, 2017

Frankfurt stock exchange: The Trump Rally of the Dax continues – business week

source:Handelsblatt Online

The new US President, Donald Trump is driving the share prices high. The Dax celebrates, records and controls on the brand of 11,900 points, the Dow cracks to Wall Street, the wall of sound of 20,000 meters.

FrankfurtThe Trump Rally has returned – at least it seems so. In Europe, investors have flocked to the middle of the week in droves on the floor. The Dax reached on Wednesday with 11.827 points, a level that he was last marked out in may 2015. At the end of the trading day it went up 1.8 per cent firmer from the trade 11.807 points.

On Thursday, the rate continued to rise before the official start of trading. Pre-market, the Dax is traded at 11.860 points, so he is well on the way to crack the brand of 11,900 points. The guidelines in America are good for it.

The U.S. benchmark index, the Dow Jones has passed for the first time in its 120-year history the barrier of 20,000 points. A few days after the inauguration of the new US President, Donald Trump, the default value index rose on Wednesday temporarily by 0.9 percent to a record high of 20.082 counters. “The Trump Rally is back,” said a broker.

“looks that way, and that President Trump is eager to his election campaign promise to the US economy by means Adopted to implement it,” said stock trader Markus Huber by the broker house in the City of London. The Republicans had announced, among other things, billions in stimulus programs, and a deregulation of the banks. Trump himself commented on the Dow-record via Twitter with, “Great!”

in The end, the Dow Jones Index closed 0.8 percent higher on 20.068 points. The broader S&P 500 advanced 0.8 percent to 2298 counter. The Index of technology exchange Nasdaq rose by one percent to 5656 points.

Since trump’s surprising election victory in early November, Dow and Dax have gained approximately ten percent. Emerging doubts about a US economic boom had taken of the Rally in the past few weeks, however, the momentum.

traders see at the moment, however, no end of the height flight. It is encouraging that the U.S. Index have taken the hurdle to the opening and not again including had fallen. “The parquet was full, all were excited,” said Ken Polcari from the Broker O’neil Securities, the mood of the record-breaking jump.

What will it be today else

The British government wants to make this Thursday a draft law for the EU’s exit Declaration of the country to the Parliament. A spokeswoman for the Brexit-the Ministry confirmed in London, the German press Agency. The wording of the bill and the timetable for the legislative procedure will be published probably on Thursday morning on the website of the Parliament.

The outgoing Economics Minister and SPD chief Sigmar Gabriel, is this Thursday (09.00 am) in the Bundestag in a government statement on further economic development. Subsequently, the plenary discussed the latest annual economic report. The Federal government predicts for this year a Jobrekord.

The Eurozone Finance Ministers discussed on Thursday (15.00) in Brussels over the Greek austerity program and the implementation of reforms in the highly indebted country. At the Meeting, to the Federal government expected, Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU), to, among other things, the pending reforms of the labour market, as well as of the energy network.

The society for consumer research (GfK), published on Thursday (8.00 PM) current data on consumer sentiment in Germany. Given the stable labour market situation, which ensures job security, experts anticipate a further improvement in the consumer climate.

four years Ago, has been imposed by the Federal cartel office against a number of well-known confectionery manufacturer Millionenbußen for alleged breaches of competition law. However, a number of well-known producer was not ready to accept the decision and moved before the court. On Thursday (16.00) is now awaiting the verdict of the düsseldorf higher regional court (OLG).

The Federal court of justice (BGH) announced on Thursday (9.00 a.m.) judgment in a dispute over the limits of the commitment of public service broadcasters on the magazine market. Has sued the publishing group Bauer. She fights against the monthly “ARD Buffet magazine”, the Burda publishing house in cooperation with the Südwestrundfunk (SWR) published.

source: Handelsblatt Online


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