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Karsten mill field: BER-boss knew for months of impossible … – FOCUS Online

Karsten mill field: BER-boss knew for months of impossible airport-opening

Sunday, 22.01.2017, 09:03

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the head of The airport company Berlin Brandenburg, Karsten mill field, apparently has not known for several months that the opening of the new capital airport in 2017, is possible.

The report of the “Bild am Sonntag”.

mill field have official deadlines for the naming of a specific opening date, knowingly elapse, and this, apparently, the Supervisory Board kept concealed, writes the newspaper, citing internal documents. From the airport, the society was received on Saturday evening first of all, no opinion./p>

mill field would have had to explain the project’s opening in September, for non-feasible

according to The report, the airport chief said in October 2016, both in the Supervisory Board of the airport company as well as publicly, that it would be enough, if the date of opening a “six to nine months,” will pre-determined. A Review of the Federal transport Ministry have, however, revealed afterwards that the Deutsche Flugsicherung “think necessarily at a minimum lead time of 13 months”. Thus, mill field would have had to explain to the newspaper that the opening of 2017 in September or at the latest in October to implement.

On Saturday had confirmed Berlin’s governing mayor Michael Müller (SPD) and the mill field for the first time, officially, that the planned opening date for the capital airport BER is to keep the end of 2017. As the cause of technical problems, especially when it comes to fire protection.

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