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VW-exhaust-affair – investigators felting Villa of winter grain Sü


  • The public Prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig is reached with your suspicion of fraud now in the top management of the group Martin Winterkorn.
  • how far the fraud at Volkswagen widespread it was and who knew all of it, tossed out the criminal tracker this week, 28 offices and apartments.
Max Hägler and Klaus Ott

The next RAID, with many more Accused, and now even a case against Ex-Chairman of the Board, Martin Winterkorn. Volkswagen is not in the affair to manipulated Diesel cars just to rest. On The Contrary. The Prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig is reached with your suspicion of fraud now in the top management of the group, the long-time chief of the winter grain.

with him in Munich, the investigators moved in this week to the search of his offices and his Villa. The Prosecutor’s office are the statements and files that incriminate the former Top-Manager. And for the law enforcement officers on the occasion are to be determined, in the fraud case, more recently, against the winter grain. The protests, however, his innocence, his lawyers on Friday highlighted.

In the United States has managed Volkswagen, with penalties and compensation payments in the amount of more than 20 billion dollars to finish the affair of harmful nitrogen oxides. In one’s own country is finished nothing. Because of the group’s headquarters in neighboring Wolfsburg, competent Prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig will not let go.

how far the fraud at Volkswagen widespread it was and who knew all of it, tossed out the criminal tracker this week, 28 offices and apartments.

This is probably one of the largest raids in the exhaust gas scandal. A further number indicates the extent of the manipulations. The brown determine Schweiger now, against 37 Accused. The VW initially expressed Thesis, only a few employees had loaded the blame on himself, is no longer tenable. A week ago, in the exhaust gas investigation Committee of the Bundestag, had winter grain volubly protested his innocence: if He had, what had happened in the case of Volkswagen, never for possible kept. “It is not to understand why I am not early and clear information about the measurement problems have been solved.” He might have overlooked signals, said Winterkorn as a witness and announced to explain the Details of the prosecutors. But stick to it: he knew of nothing. What has happened to make you angry, even for him. Education was the “need of the hour”. The deputies saw, the assurances they gave his Innocence, however, of little Faith. As Winterkorn said in the Bundestag, because the Prosecutor had obtained long ago at the competent local court of Braunschweig, Search warrants for the RAID. On the occasion, among other things, details of two VW were technicians, acting as a sort of leniency. You have participated in the fraud and are cooperating with the authorities in order to lightly get away. The two technicians claim that they had informed in July of 2012, close to Winterkorn’s outstanding in the Diesel-car built-in, illegal Software, the “Defeat Device”.

One of the state’s witness said that he had assumed that the winter grain Familiar the Chairman of the Board informed. In the spring of 2014, this Familiar is supposed to have said: “I need to speak with the boss.” The Chef in Wolfsburg, Germany, Winterkorn was. According to the official presentation of VW has been only in the late summer of 2015 by the manipulations.

About these statements and these Confidants of the winter grain had reported SZ, NDR and WDR, two weeks ago. The long-time Confidante of then-CEO Bernd gottweis. He headed the Committee for product safety (APS), one of the most important bodies in the case of Volkswagen. God-oriented, he is today, as well as winter grain in the pension, ended up nearly everything that was for VW to be dangerous. He was a firefighter, as a fire extinguisher. His job was to solve problems. Now he has problems. Gottweis is one of the 37 accused in Braunschweig. Also he should have to the fraud involved.

to see that the US authorities have accused of God knows already. Without him, however, to listen to what is legally dubious. The lawyers of the former APS leaders reject the accusations against their clients. This came, apparently, from people who are themselves “deeply involved” and the other with false accusations-loaded. The motive for this was apparent, the lawyers of God. What is meant is: The blame on others slide, especially after the above refer to self-distract. If this is so, or whether the accusations against God-oriented and Winterkorn are true, remains to be seen. Until the investigations are completed, is expected to take several months.

farewell to in the case of VW, the competition

The former constitutional judge Hohmann-dennhardt should clean up at VW. Now she goes. It really is your knowledge of the English language? By Thomas Fromm and Max Hägler more …

damages in Germany?

For the winter grain, it is already the second procedure. A first file number in Braunschweig he had already received in mid-2016; because of the suspicion, the stock exchange price of Volkswagen shares had been manipulated. The group informed investors may be too late over the threat of financial consequences of the exhaust tampering.

in the beginning it was allowed to be 550 000 vehicles in the US and then worldwide, more than eleven million cars gone, the launched far more nitrogen oxides, as required by law. Nitrogen oxides irritate the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and eyes, and are especially, but not only for asthmatics harmful. Therefore, Diesel vehicles should be clean, especially through elaborate exhaust systems. But that happened, not only with VW, often only in the case of official measurements in the laboratory. On the road, on the other hand, many contaminants have been expelled.

To the detriment of man, animals and nature. The damage also, VW has now. After the exorbitant payments in the United States, damages could be due. For the many shareholders who see themselves misinformed and therefore billions of dollars to sue for want. The sooner the winter grain had known of the fraud, the better the chances of these shareholders could have with your actions. This makes the investigation against the Ex-chief so dangerous for the group.

What Winterkorn could know

In the VW-group of the “Ancient” was nothing without pressure from above. Is it credible, that the then-Chairman of the exhaust gas scandal, suspected nothing? By Hans Leyendecker, Georg Mascolo, Klaus Ott and Nicolas Richter and Ralf Wiegand more …


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