Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Top line Truck lanes soon on two car – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

In Groß Dölln (Germany) there is already a test track for the upper line of the Truck.

two highway should, at the latest, by the end of 2018, on electric trucks with power supply via an overhead line and tested sections in Germany. The two test routes according to information of the news Agency dpa in Schleswig-Holstein and Hesse. They were each twelve kilometers long was it from the environment of the project preparation.

The Federal environment Ministry is supporting the project with the aim to transport goods in an environmentally friendly on the road. A spokesman said on request, the Ministry had selected the two test tracks for electrically operated overhead line Truck in the meantime. What highway sections is, will be given at the beginning of February.

the start of the test in the next two years

In a first Phase, should apply to the States Offered for test tracks. “After the announcement of our decision for the pilot routes of the required infrastructures of the two selected provinces will be put out to tender, it can apply to the company,” said the Ministry spokesman. The concrete planning and execution from hanging then by the time plans of the länder, as well as the company. “The commissioning of the two pilot routes, but must be done by the end of 2018.”

More about

the project’s starting point is the question of how the growth in freight traffic can be handled without increasing the strain on the environment’s contributions. According to a forecast by the Federal government for the period up to 2030, the railway will be able to take only one-fifth of the increase. Most of the shipments come on the road. Electric Trucks could be a solution if the electricity comes from renewable sources. Another solution could load his wagons, which are equipped with a fuel cell drive.

truck in addition to a diesel engine

unlike battery-electric vehicles with electricity from the overhead line enables journeys over long distances. As in the case of the railway must be placed for special Trucks along the road, electricity pylons. By the end of the electrified route to the destination, the Transporter drive with a diesel engine. Siemens is testing such hybrid vehicles for years on a site in the Uckermark in Brandenburg.

Now it comes to a practical test on a highway with traffic. Were looking for “real tracks” from trucking companies, to participate in the plan, it was said by the project sponsor VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik, the takes care of in the order of the Ministry of environment to the project. In Sweden and California, there is already a similar demonstration objects at distances of up to two kilometers.


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